#3GoodThings – #46

#3GoodThings – #46

(Written Tuesday, March 5, 2019)

Tuesday Oh Tuesday…

Our balmy temps have left us for a little while and more seasonal temps have returned. It’s chilly, a bit damp and – from time to time each day – blustery. But it’s been a wonderful day.

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Normally Tuesdays are teaching days in Angers, but since students there are doing a series of other tests this week… I get to remain in Châtellerault. I enjoy teaching, don’t get me wrong, but not having to drive 4h to do so is a #GoodThing.
  2. Despite not having to drive, I’m not completely off the hook for schoolwork though. My students from Angers did an in-class writing assignment a while back and I need to hand them back next Monday. So today is all about marking. I’ve put them off long enough (correcting 2-3 page assignments, written in English, but French students – can represent a formidable task.) but all in all, it feels good to get at them. Indeed once I do so, I do enjoy giving students individual feedback.
  3. Finally, for today, it’s magnolia season. Need I say more. These ones are on a loaded tree at one of the major intersections in town.

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