#3GoodThings – #72

#3GoodThings – #72

(Written Sunday, March 31, 2019)

Here in France, the time changed last night, so while many of you “Sprang forward” a couple of weeks ago… we’re just getting ’round to it now.

Interesting side note: The European parliament voted this past week to abolish Daylight Saving Time (DST) as of 2021. In the lead-up, individual EU countries will choose whether they want to keep “summer time” or “winter time”. I know several in Canada who would love to see DST abolished there too… who knows, maybe this will help your case!

Aside from that, let me tell you about..

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Our church struggles with something that is not at all uncommon in most churches, we’ll call it the “start-time arrival” challenge. Church begins at 10:30am, we typically get there between 9:30-9:40 to practice music and there’s an older couple who typically arrive around 10:10 – we chat & then spend time in prayer before service begins. Most times however, others arrive between 10:40 – 10:55. That ‘problem’ exists in all churches, but the smaller the church, the more it’s visible. One couple who has always had a particularly tough time with that arrived as we were singing our first song. This is significant because Virginia is a Spirit-filled, enthusiastic worshiper and that adds greatly to the worship atmosphere. We’re thankful for that today!
  2. Even though folks may have a bit of a tough time arriving on time, they are not eager to leave for the most part and are content to linger and ‘visit’. That wasn’t always the case, but increasingly, I’m seeing folks visit, not just with us, but among themselves as well. That’s a sign to me that a sense of community is growing and interconnectedness is developing. That’s vital for a church if the work of God is going to advance. Lord let it increase even more!
  3. For the third GoodThing, I’m actually going to dip back into yesterday because it was just too cool. I did a quick check on the beehive and saw brace comb built between two boxes. It’s typically good to remove it whenever you’re in the hive as leaving it can ultimately make access more difficult. Only after I’d removed this little portion however, did I noticed that the queen had actually laid eggs in this bit of comb. Though I knew what to look for, I’d never actually seen a bee egg with my own eyes before. I’m thankful for the miracle of God’s creation… so perfect in every tiny little detail… it’s amazing! And that incredible God is just as concerned with the details of our life as well. Amazing!

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