#3GoodThings – #73

#3GoodThings – #73

(Written Monday, April 1, 2019)

Here in France, the time changed last night, so while many of you “Sprang forward” a couple of weeks ago… we’re just getting ’round to it now.

Aside from that, let me tell you about..

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Something spontaneous to start the day. On the first Monday of each month, the nearby town of Lencloître plays host to a large regional market (clothing, hardware, plants, animals & regional products like cheese, sausages & baked goods – photo below). Just imagine… in our 4 years here, we’d never yet gone… until today. The kids were at school and it was the first Monday that I didn’t have regular classes in Angers. Remembering that it was the first Monday of April, Liz & I hopped in the car and went. A nice little spontaneous outing & we were back by lunchtime.
  2. On our way home we got a phone call from my mom who was relaying a “last warning” notice from Revenue Canada. Panicked, because it was an ungodly large amount and puzzled because we’d already paid a similar amount back in December, we had an hour or so wait before the time zone would allow us to call. As soon as Liz gave the agent her reference number, we heard “Oh, I see why you’re calling. That looks like a mistake.” I can’t say Thank the Lord! loud enough. She assured us that we didn’t have to pay anything more. Definitely a GoodThing!
  3. Somehow, given that it was a non-teaching… non-work day… I just couldn’t bring myself to do any marking (even though I have a couple of things to work on). Given that the weather was still fine and we were already in outdoor-mode, I spent a couple hours in the afternoon putting around the yard, planting some things that I’d set aside in the Fall and tidying up a few other areas that were begging for attention. Outdoor work in fine weather is definitely a GoodThing!.

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