Sophie’s Take on the MK Experience

Sophie’s Take on the MK Experience

A couple of months ago, Sophie was asked to record a short video about her experience of taking the big step of moving away & living on the other side of the world as a Missionary Kid (an “MK”)

At the time, we didn’t share the video or make any mention of it because it was “top secret” at that point… destined to be shown at the Atlantic District’s 2019 Cherish Conference for teen girls. The theme was being “God’s Girl” … with an emphasis on “GO-ing

Now that time has passed, however, I’m sharing it below for you to see.

The MK Experience

MKs have quite a unique experience. They follow their parents’ call to missions and when they go as minors, they go through no real choice of their own. In our case, the Sophie & Dominic were just barely into their teens. They left a lot behind and found themselves somewhat thrown into the great unknown.

Here is Sophie’s experience of Go-ing. She makes some good points about finding yourself where you didn’t expect to find yourself and discovering that God might just have a purpose in the unexpected:

(Keep in mind that teen girls made up the original audience)

If this video could be of use to you in a Sunday School or Youth setting,
feel free to use it.

Just for the fun of it… here’s the Blooper Reel as well.

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