#3GoodThings – #82 (Easter)

#3GoodThings – #82 (Easter)

(Written Sunday April 21, 2019)

It’s Easter… and I’m thankful.

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Church & Great Conversations: We had a great service which started off rather uniquely. Ghislain had brought us a couple of “Barberie Cactii” and thought we could quickly get them in the ground before service. Ultimately he was right… We could’ve put it off, but I was grateful for his gift and willingness to contribute something to the house of God. Part way through service, I noticed a family there who we’d not seen in quite some time (I sit on the front row, so I don’t automatically see everyone arrive). Their kids did Sunday School with Soph & Dominic and following service they hung around to chat for probably a good 45minutes. It was great to reconnect.
  2. Turkey Dinner: I know that, for many people, ham is the more traditional Easter meal, but we’ve always stuck with turkey. Liz did wonders (as usual) and because of the small bird sizes here (8lbs is a big one!!!) Liz made lots of the other fixin’s. This included, for the first time, a candied sweet potato casserole (it won’t be the last time). It also included appetizers of duck liver paté (courtesy of my students) and rose petal jelly (also yum) and a choice of cherry cheesecake, pumpkin pie and pear cake (you’d think she was cooking for the whole church… not just a family of five). 🙂
  3. Afternoon Naps & Family Chill: It seems I’m often telling you about an afternoon nap. Really… I do more than nap here! But we must all have been tired because I slept 2 hours or so and Liz slept for even longer (needless to say we were both wrecked for a normal bedtime!). After the grogginess wore off, we had coffee & dessert and the kids joined us. None of us had anything electronic, we just talked. It seems funny that that’s worth mentioning, but in our day & age… human contact in the absence of technology is noteworthy!

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