#3GoodThings – #81

#3GoodThings – #81

(Written Saturday April 20, 2019)

Christians are supposed to feel really good about Easter right?

I really do.

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Over the past couple of days, we’ve been getting the church ready for Easter. On Thursday, Dominic helped me clean up some brush that came off the “eternal hedge project” (I’m sure we’ll be working on that hedge until Jesus comes!) and yesterday, Timo mowed the entire property with the John Deere tractor (he does an incredible job!). This meant that today, we were able to all stay home and relax a bit. The freedom to rest a bit is, in itself, a GoodThing!
  2. With the freedom to be home, Liz & I had coffee on the patio for the first time and I landscaped around the new wooden composter we got from the city (for only 20€). Soph was doing some review work outside and the boys weren’t far either. Being able to connect at home during a sunny morning was wonderful.
  3. Finally, after a massive thunder and lightning storm later in the afternoon (I thought I was going to jump out of my skin), and an hour or two without power, we were able to get the lights back on and I was up in the office making final preparations for tomorrow’s service. I’m speaking on “The Power of the Resurrection” (nothing to do with the power outage). 🙂 Everyone else had gone down for the night and it was just me, the Lord and the flickering candle… such an atmosphere of peace and quiet assurance. Just as “meekness doesn’t equal weakness” the quiet, assurance I was feeling about the power that we have access to, as Christians, is by no means small in measure. I’m thankful for quiet assurance.

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