#3GoodThings – #80

#3GoodThings – #80

(Written Monday April 8, 2019)

Every once in a blue moon we have ‘neighbour dog issues’. It’s not really all that frequent, but last night was one of those nights. A near non-stop barking tirade from 10pm until midnight (at which time I’m wide awake due to aggravation…. until about 2:30am), then again in barking spurts at 2:50, 3:15 and 3:24am.

With only 3 full hours of sleep before a drive to Angers, my expectations were low. Nevertheless, let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Sunrise over the Thouet river in Montreuil-Bellay. Just take a look at the photo below… it was absolutely perfect. It’s a lovely spot but you only see this view from the highway bridge: There’s no sidewalk and I don’t usually have time to stop & walk back. How to get a picture to share? Today traffic was thin so I just pointed my iPhone out the passenger window and… voilĂ ! Thank you Lord that I can share this beautiful vista of western France with you today.
  2. Classes have finished in Angers for the year, but I was back up for an end-of-year meeting for teaching staff. It was a great opportunity to exchange with colleagues about their experience of the school year and learn tricks that can then be used to improve my own teaching in the future.
  3. Upon arriving home, I was only in the house for a few minutes before Liz suggested I try to recoup a bit of last night’s lost sleep before supper with a quick nap on the couch. I was awakened a full two hours later by the sound of “food & fellowship” happening at the supper table. Wow!

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