#3GoodThings – #79

#3GoodThings – #79

(Written Sunday April 7, 2019)

Tonight as I look back on the day, I’d been looking a bit down the barrel of a gun (so to speak… or… racing against the clock) but came through it well enough and even had some time to spare.

Let me tell you about..

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Church started out similar to how it typically does. We have a time of prayer before Liz came up to lead worship. She really does a great job of that… and to think, she’s really a bit of a wall-flower by nature – very happy to remain in the background. During prayer, the Spirit of the Lord hit and the atmosphere changed… we felt a Spirit of power and authority. What a great way to go into the preaching of God’s word! During prayer, another couple arrived and greatly benefited from the message on Philippians 4.13 and John 8. God is GOOD!
  2. Just before arriving home, I peeked in on the bees. After several days of cold, cloudy, dreary, windy weather, they must’ve been glad to spread their wings because there was a TON of activity at the entrance (take a look at the 11sec. video below to get a sense of it). I can’t explain it, but it’s (oddly enough) so very therapeutic to get within a few inches of them, hear them hum and watch them fly. They’re surprisingly docile (when you’re not disturbing them of course). God’s creation is amazing and amazingly wonderful!
  3. The last #GoodThing of the day was finishing up the last bit of marking for ESSCA, in Angers. I had about 2/3 of the semester tests remaining to mark (I have to drop them off tomorrow when I’ll be up there for a team meeting) and I always have a bit of apprehension about marking the written paragraphs because there’s so much room for error. All went rather quickly though and I was done early enough that I was able to ‘veg’ or ‘unwind’a bit before heading to bed.

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