#3GoodThings – #78

#3GoodThings – #78

(Written Saturday, April 6, 2019)

I’m never in Angers on a Saturday… but I was today.

Let me tell you about..

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. When it comes to teaching in Angers (a 2h drive), my typical teaching days are Monday (Fall semester) and Monday & Tuesday (Spring semester). Never am I there on a Saturday but I may just vote for all Saturday classes in the future… No one else is on the road and it took 25 minutes less to get there! I was stunned. Of course I left the house at 6:15am. That’s a great thing!
  2. I was up to supervise some TOEFEL (English second language) exams for first year students. These are the extra students I have during the second semester. I spend 9 weeks helping to prepare them for this exam so it was special this year to be able to be in the room with many of them when they were writing. Second language learning changed the direction of my life… so I know what possibilities it holds, generally speaking, for them. I root for them.
  3. The oil rape seed is just coming into full blossom now (pic below) so I drove by fields and fields of it, gently lit up by the morning sun – Like this one just before coming into Loudun. As soon as I rounded the corner in this picture, a common fox was waiting on the side of the road, just getting ready to bolt into the midst of the rape seed (Colza)… which he promptly did when I zoomed by. I’m thankful for early morning beauty and life!

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