God is Faithful in Fall!

God is Faithful in Fall!

There was a time not so long ago (…or was it?) when Liz’s Doctor asked her if she often felt tired or fatigued. Laughing, she responded “Fatigue is my constant companion.”

That pretty much sums up life for the Long family this week. Fortunately, in our weakness, He is strong!

Let me give you a quick run down of the last week or so. I’ll do it largely in bullet form today, in the interest of rapidity, because it’s an early morning: By 8:00am Liz & I head out for a 4h drive.

Highways & Byways

The reason I mentioned (last week) being apprehensive about the coming weeks is that pretty much every Saturday, for five weeks in a row, we’re going to be driving.

  • Last Saturday was a Bible School weekend.
  • This weekend we drive to pick Liz’s parents up at the airport in La Rochelle (2h away).
  • Next weekend we take them back.
  • The following Saturday is another Bible School weekend (Paris).
  • The weekend after that we’re back to Paris for the National Youth Convention.
  • In the meantime, of course, I’ll still be doing some driving for school and in two weeks, we’ll have to make a 5h drive (1-way) to the city of Toulouse for administrative purposes. Oie!

You know, last Friday I travelled to Bible School after having taught all day at the university. Honestly, I didn’t know how I was going to make it. Knowing that on Saturday I’d teach and drive home (3h), preach on Sunday and drive 2h to teach on Monday for a full day.

Something had to give and when you have to earn a living –(our monthly support doesn’t cover our monthly expenses)– giving up teaching is not an option. I considered giving up teaching at the Bible School (*note to self* – never make significant decisions when in a heightened emotional – or fatigued – state).

Then I got into the classroom at Bible School and could see the Lord working in the lives & minds of students. It’s hard to put a price on that and you just give it to the Lord, make the sacrifice and ask him to bless it.

*note: On the way home, I did have to stop for a cat-nap. It turned out to be over an hour long, where you wake up in “stupid-state” level grogginess! ……say whaaaaat!?)

Vacay. Sort of…

Look at the picture of the kids. It’s kind of like a before & after shot.

The picture of Sophie kind of depicts how we all have felt this week, whereas the photo of the boys reflects the sense of relief that all three kids are feeling today, knowing that they are now on a 2 week school vacation.

No more 6:50am trips to the train station. No more lunches to pack for Liz. No more homework / tests to prepare. Just good ol’ fashioned down-time.


Do you feel that?

Liz too is feeling a bit of relief… (it was necessary… she MAY have been known to attempt striking up conversation with random amphibians!) 🙂
It’s not total relief because having her parents arrive today and getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (I know… we’re a week late, but we wanted to wait for her folks to arrive) means that she won’t sit back & relax just yet…

Finding Balance

I’ve got to admit… besides the Lord, some of the things that keep me grounded are the birds & the bees and a bit of gardening (notice the fall mums up top): And I’ve needed a bit of all three this week.

I think mainly because these things force me to disconnect from the online world and do something manual (which I don’t do nearly enough of). It doesn’t take much… an hour here and an hour there… but it makes all the difference in the world!

I’m glad that in spite of my IN-abilities… Jesus is always able.
He is strong in our weakness.

God bless you this week.

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    • I love your manual labor post Michele… And yes… we do need to rest. I took the first step to saying “no” to another work day in Angers this week (my long 2h-one-way drive). I’m the type that would push myself if they had no one else to do it, but fortunately the coordinator there is good at reading signs (even subtle, indefinite ones) and said she’d rather I kept my sanity. So maybe… just maybe, I’m gaining a bit of sense in the busyness department! 😉

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