Fish, Mice, Rain & the Road

Fish, Mice, Rain & the Road

This little guy right here is Nathan and he’s the latest addition to the Long family (the Long family menagerie if you ask Liz).

Why Nathan? Well… the conversation, as Dominic & I headed to the cash to purchase him, went like this:

D: “Does mom know we’re getting a fish?”
M: “Nope.”
D: “I feel like we should name him Nathan.”
M: “That’s actually pretty appropriate. It’s like when the prophet Nathan confronted King David about his sin. Cuz we’ll need mom’s forgiveness for bringing this fish home… Be sure your sins will find you out!”

Nathan kind of capped off our week though… so let me take you back to the beginning.


Having told you about the fish, now let me run through the other words from today’s title.

This is our weather from last week and this. What should be most notable to you is that there’s only one, single, icon used for the entire forecast.

White cloud +Blue lines (rain).

By mid-week our back yard looked like this. (Note: the composter should NOT be sitting in a small pond!)

I take consolation, though, in the fact that (a) things were so dry last summer (& likely will be again this summer) that it’s good to refill the water table and (b) it likely allowed the kids to get a bit more vacation down-time than they otherwise would’ve had. Had the weather been nicer, they’d’ve been more tempted to run the roads & plan things.

I say break, but they accomplished quite a bit of school related things as well. Honestly, I commend them!

The Road:

On Monday, Liz accompanied me to Angers for the day seeing as how the kids were off and could fend for themselves. She read while I taught, then afterwards, we went to visit & pray with a young couple that’s begun attending church with us. Jacques drives nearly 2 hours to church every Sunday and when she & the baby are up to it, Laura joins him. Their daughter Héia has been sick, hence the need for prayer.

Then, on Wednesday, all five of us drove to Tours (an hour away), to have a home Bible study with Sis. Danielle and her family. It’s not always easy to get up with the kids’ school schedule, but vacation made it possible and Sis Danielle LOVES having the kids there because Dominic brings his guitar & we can have a good time of worship – which she appreciates soooo much!

And finally… Mice:

This was new.

Last night we were at the church for prayer meeting and about 1/2 way through, I thought I heard something in the drop-ceiling above the spot where I was praying.

I raised my head & saw Sophie & Timo looking at me… knowingly. I asked if they’d heard something, to which they nodded that they had. From then on, it was like a mouse-race-track up there.

It’s not the first time we’ve had them in the building. It’s an annual thing when fall / winter hits, but it’s the first time we’ve so obviously had them in the ceiling.

Ugh! … I know what we’ll be doing later today… installing mice traps.

Th – th – th – that’s all folks!

That’s the run down of our week. Monday the kids will head back to school in full-blown corona-virus hysteria. As much as we’re being wise about interactions, we’re also praying that God would look after his own, that the world might see, and glorify him!

Pray with us & for us. The LORD is doing a work in France and you’re part of it through your giving and your prayers!

God bless you this week!

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