GoodThings & Covid-19: #4

GoodThings & Covid-19: #4

There’s a run on pasta!

So apparently some pasta makers have sold as much pasta in the last few days as they sold during the entirety of 2019. Some individual stores are reporting more than 500% increase and photos abound of empty store shelves.

Yesterday, the news was reporting that one of the concerns here among stay-at-home parents (virtually ALL parents now) was having to prepare 3 meals per day and being short not only on supplies… but ideas.

Pretty much all schools (daycare, elementary, middle & senior high) serve unbelievably low-priced & highly nutritious lunches (nutritionist approved appetizer, meat/veg, cheese & dessert), so it’s actually fairly uncommon for parents to have to cook noon-time family meals once their children are in school.

Who’d’ve thought!?

Anyway, here are…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. A Sunny Day: We’ve had 3 weeks of near daily rain and everything is soaked. So to wake up to this (see photo below), after having had a 1/2 day of sun the day before was like “kids’ day at the Ex” (An abbreviation for the exhibition back home… think “county fair”) or like “Christmas morning”. When I look at the calendar… there’s a yellow ball with lines coming out of it every day for the next week… “I am like one who dreams” 🙂
  2. Daffodils: Ours seem to be late compared to everyone else… it seems I’ve been seeing them for a couple of weeks now. But ours finally came up and a number of them, heavy with rain, were bowing their floral heads to the ground. Rather than see them go down to a muddy waste, I plucked the bowed-est ones and we now have a lovely bouquet in the house to cheer spirits just as Liz’s birthday bouquet was fading.
  3. Isaiah 40:28-31: 28 Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding. 29 He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. 30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: 31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

I remember loving that passage even as a young person, because “I was mentioned in the Bible”: …youths / young men who were not always strong. That brought me as much comfort years ago as it does today; at another time and in another circumstance.

When we feel powerless and faint, the Lord gives us strength. That’s kind of our situation, collectively, presently – we all feel just a bit weak or vulnerable in the face of COVID-19. We try to control what we can control, but aside from that, there’s a lot that we cannot (see quote from yesterday).

That being said… if we do what we’re able to do and wait on the Lord for the rest, He will renew our strength.

God bless you on this beautiful day!

Looking for some good reading while your other activities are limited? Read about simple pleasures… like home-made ice cream, from my grandfather’s journal.

McKees Mills, Simple Pleasures

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