GoodThings & Covid-19: #12

GoodThings & Covid-19: #12

It all starts with Football.

If you know me, you’ll know that I know NOTHING about football, nor am I particularly athletic… yet football is one of…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. M. Pelletier out the window: Whenever making coffee, once the espresso maker is on the stove, I warm up a dib of milk in the micro-wave – a little bit in the bottom of each cup (makes it easier to froth for cappucino). Since it was another beautiful day, I opened the window for some fresh air and there was Monsieur Pelletier working in his garden – (the entire backyard is an organic garden & he’s in his 80s).

    He is always working in the garden so that’s how he & I relate and have cultivated a friendship. I love seeing him out there and he’s always ready to share a tip or two for reliable (chemical-free) harvests.

    God has blessed us with wonderful neighbours… & I’m thankful!
  2. School Admin: You know how you have “that task” … the one that’s staring you in the face, but you kind of dread getting into it for fear of opening the floodgates? Well, that was me wrapping my head around finishing the semester. Covid-19 had us wrap up the semester 4 weeks early so there were some students who had yet to give their oral presentations.

    I got things set in motion for that, summarized the grading criteria that I had and set guidelines for how they could submit to-be-finished work. I love the feeling that it’s done… Definitely a #GoodThing!
  3. Football:and I’m not talking soccer here… legit football!

    Around noon, I popped outside for some air and I heard Dominic come out to bounce the basketball in the lane. Knowing that there are finicky “noise-laws” here (can’t mow the lawn between noon and 2pm) and knowing that Mme. Pelletier next door often naps after lunch, I knew the bouncing basket ball could be problematic.

    I offered to play some badminton with Dominic, but it was short lived (wind and a faulty shuttlecock) so he suggested tossing the ol’ pigskin. Privately, I wasn’t all that optimistic, but soon, Timo joined in and eventually Sophie as well. It just turned out to be a nice relaxed chat-time between the kids & I. Definitely another #GoodThing.

McKees Mills, practical jokes

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You could read about how George Biggs got the last laugh when the boys made home-made ice cream.
Pick up a copy of my grandfather’s journal.

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