GoodThings & Covid-19: #16

GoodThings & Covid-19: #16

It’s day 16 of #LifeUnderLockdown and the headlines here are likely similar to those anywhere else:

– Hospitals are full to capacity
– TV channels are offering lots more movies.
– Home internet / Wifi routers are maxed out.

Right now, we’re in the middle of a storm and my thought is: Do what you can do, don’t be overly worried about what you can’t, and ride out the storm.

Yes, the level is unprecedented in modern history, but we’ve all had to ride out storms before. Part of me riding out the storm involves remembering…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Memory Lane: Backing up your computer to a hard drive that you, and two other people have been using without problems for 5 years, should be a fairly straightforward thing. Older backups are regularly deleted to make room for new. But no. For some reason there’s not enough space, sooooo…… I found myself going through the 150GB of photos on my laptop (perhaps having 10K pics on my phone is a contributing factor), looking to delete some. The #GoodThing in that is that I strolled a bit down memory lane looking at cute pics / videos of three terrific MKs (see below for a taste – the Long kids circa 2006).
  2. Mystery plants: As you know, time in the hoophouse has been a common pass-time for me. A few seedlings succumbed to near 0˚ (32˚F) nights last week so I’ve resorted to bringing tomato seedlings and a few others into the house at night. It appears the cold snap has ended (we’ll see), but two of the plants that had a near-death experience (but which have bounced back) are a mystery to me. I THINK that they may be Canna Lilies that I planted from collected seed. If so… I’ll be absolutely thrilled. Cannas are very common here but I’ve never grown them.
  3. Psalm 91.1: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

When I read this verse, one of the things I think of (forgive me in advance)… is chickens. I know… I know… but hear me out.

If you’ve ever raised chickens (without an incubator) you’ll know that the mother hen sits on the eggs for roughly 21 days – ensuring near constant temperature and humidity levels for the growing embryo. She’s protecting the growth that can’t yet be seen.

After they’ve hatched, the chicks still gather under mama hen for several weeks… at night to stay warm and whenever a loud noise or sudden movement poses a potential threat.

They know to hide in the secret place, under mama hen’s wings. They’re confident that it’s a safe place.

When we dwell in the secret place of the Almighty, we’re in a safe place. Regardless of how the storm is raging, it’s a great place to ride out the storm.

Nervous? Scared? Feeling unsafe? … run to the Lord. He’s still a safe place!

While your other activities are limited, read about the antics of teenagers on/around the Moncton-Buctouche Railway in the early 1920s.

Mckees Mills Railway

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