GoodThings & Covid-19: #21

GoodThings & Covid-19: #21

Today we got dressed for church, had music practice and worshipped… in our living room.

That’s been the pattern for the last several weeks. Strange but yet very new testament. On one hand it’s a privilege to go through this with the kids…. it gives them an example of what it’s like to live out faith when gathering AT church is not possible… and we can only gather AS the church. Oh the difference a preposition makes.

If there was ever a time when moms & dads needed to be mature enough to lead their kids… it’s now. No more relegating the task to Sunday School.

Before I start a sermon… I’d better get on to…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Coffee in the Greenhouse: This afternoon, Liz & I wanted to stay outside just a little longer, even though the sun was getting a bit lower in the sky and there was enough of a breeze to bring a slight chill to the air. We wanted to enjoy one more coffee… just the two of us – without interruption or request. So we headed to the greenhouse with our low beach chairs. The little 9′ x 9′ space still had room for two small chairs and was still plenty warm. Talk about your outdoor garden room! 🙂
  2. Internet Pause: For a time, we wondered what the week would be like. Friday night and most of the day yesterday we had no real internet to speak of and even today it was more miss than hit. I finished The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn, the kids tossed a football around, Sophie did some off-line journaling and Liz read as well. In Soph’s words… “On one hand it’s nice to be forced to go offline… to not have the option.” I agree. My first reaction was to panic a bit (I’m supposed to be teaching classes by videoconference this week), but then you think… “You can only do what you can do… “ Offline does have a nice ring to it! 😉
  3. Psalm 27.5: “For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

In the ancient near East… to be a guest in someone’s tent (dwelling) was to come under their protection and provision. It’s why Lot was so protective of the two angels that visited him in Sodom. It was the host’s responsibility to look after them.

In this Psalm, David expresses his assurance that, in time of trouble, [God] would hide him in his tabernacle… his tent. Rather than being subject to the trouble, he was subject to God’s protection and provision. As such… it was like his feet were set on a solid place… a rock.

Looking forward, 1 Peter 2.4 indicates that Jesus is that rock. He may have been rejected of men, but he was a chosen and precious rock to God. Verse 6 goes on to say that “He that believeth on [Jesus] would not be confounded (or confused)”.

In confounding times, there is a rock… a solid place where we can have firm footing. His name is Jesus and we can come to him by letting our faith be perfected by actions (James 2)… in repentance, baptism in his name, and receiving God’s gift of the Holy Ghost.

There is a rock for us to cling to today!

Since fishing season is almost upon us, and since it looks like it may be scuttled by stay-at-home orders… why not read about grampa’s salmon fishing on the mighty Miramichi?

Mckees Mills Salmon Fishing

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