Still no internet…

Still no internet…

Just a quick post to let you know that the absence of posts (#3GoodThings or otherwise) is still due to lack of internet & limited cellular data.

re. Internet Provider: let me just say that customer service standards are not the same here as they are back in Canada.

Still… lemme give you a few good things…

  • We harvested the first ripe strawberry from the greenhouse.
  • Finally finished the new chicken coop, meaning the hens (& roo) are now in confinement as well, and the gardens are less likely to be torn apart.
  • We had Bible study around a bonfire last week.
  • We’ve started listening to a real (olfashioned) radio again… and some evenings now include sitting around the living room or patio reading a real (ol’ fashioned, written on paper, hardcover) book… “The Chronicles of Narnia”… (currently in “The Magician’s Nephew”).
  • Lily of the Valley is coming into bloom and it won’t be long before the “Pierre de Ronsard” roses burst into bloom as well.
  • Potatoes are up about 7-8’, broadbeans about the same, and the romaine lettuce is looking good. Tomato seedlings are still in the greenhouse but will likely go in-ground soon.
  • This will be the year where all French gardens will be immaculate as everyone’s in the same boat… confined, with little to do but putter in the yard.

The most annoying thing…

… about not having internet is being unable to post regular video messages for the families from church. They were getting more views than just the number of church folks, so it’s possible that God could’ve used the situation to grow the church (& may yet) but in the mean time… even that is impossible. So… we’d appreciate your prayers in this matter… that in all things, the Lord be lifted up & his kingdom be advanced.

ps. speaking of which, our neighbours are hearing us praise & worship – we open up windows during our home services. There is a couple in our home church who came after some 20 years of living next door & hearing the worship – sometimes sitting on their balcony listening for it. They are now faithful members there. Perhaps that could be the case for someone from our neighbourhood. That would definitely be a #GoodThing.

Anyway… thanks for checking in. I’ll post regularly again when the internet is back.

God bless you richly today!

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