…Where to start?

On Monday, confinement restrictions will begin to be eased a bit here in France. We’ll be able to leave home without a formal justification, confirming where we live & why we’re not there.

Some kids will (in theory) head back to school although not ours… to begin with, it’s just the younger grades. Ours will continue to school from home until at least the end of May / beginning of June (but by then… what’s the point of going back really!?).

As for church services… we’ll wait at least until the beginning of June to know more… that too will continue unchanged for the moment… #Church@Home!


On Tuesday a technician came to fix our internet problem and all was rosy… We even celebrated with dinner on the patio, a bottle of our “save-for-special-occasions” apple cider & the works. The kids could once again reconnect with friends, I could get back in touch with students, Liz’s translation work was again a bit easier. Life was wonderful…

…for 3 and a half days.

I’m writing this post Friday night, unsure as to whether or not I’ll be able to post it. So, at this rate… if there’s something urgent to communicate to us… try using text message, phone call or homing pigeon – there’s a better chance I’ll get it than by internet. 🙄

ps. DID YOU KNOW – I actually had homing pigeons when I lived in Canada? they could make it from Moncton to Saint John easy as pie, in a couple hours.

Anyway… on to bigger & brighter…

Life around the house…

Internet meant transitioning back to life in-doors a bit more. After several weeks of outdoor living, I find that I can’t be sitting at the computer for more than 1-2 hours before I need to do a quick walk ’round the garden. I’ll usually stick something in the ground that’s been outgrowing it’s little home in the greenhouse while I’m out.

This orange & apricot rose (the other is Pierre de Ronsard… you saw it last week too) may just have bought itself another year of life in the garden. I really hasn’t done much the past few years and I was considering ‘deep-sixing it’ as my mother would say. However, this bloom reminds me that when it does bloom, albeit briefly, it’s worth it.


While outside this week, I’ve just marveled that there’s a constant song of crickets, and not just at day’s end either. It begins late morning and continues all afternoon.

When I close my eyes, I’m immediately transported back to McKee’s Mills, in farm country just outside of Moncton, where my grandparents lived. It’s the only other place I remember hearing cricket-song midday.

I filmed this 20-second video from under one of the two apple trees in our yard (trees that one of our nextdoor neighbours grafted himeself when he was a boy). I was hoping to capture the crickets … but when I listened to it… I realize that I can barely hear the them for the birdsong that is more audible.

Offline writing…

One of the things that offline confinement has done for me is that it’s sent me back to a bit more offline journaling.

This particular journal is a gift from my Pastor back home and collects my thoughts & responses to situations and what I read in the Bible. It’s usually accompanied by a good cup of coffee (coffee pic credits to Instagram account @coffee.quotes).

I used to journal more than I do now, but it still is close to my heart.

…and speaking of ‘close to my heart’…

The Boys…

Timo: This guy…. Remember how I said he’d been missing the drum set at church? Well… he decided to get creative at home, so during Sunday morning worship, the latest iteration of the drum kit included an empty Yop bottle, a hardcover book and a spiral-bound notebook. You’d be surprised… it works!

Dominic: Remember I said that he’s Bible Quizzing? Well covid-19 has scuttled plans for the national finals. They’ll take place later in the year… when things calm down. In the meantime, organizers are trying different things in an attempt to keep quizzers engaged with the material. The latest initiative: “film yourself saying, from memory, as many verses as you can in 1-minute. Dominic managed to get 14take a listen (you’ll also see how pleased he was with the result… after several tries):

We’ll leave it there for today.
Thanks for stopping by.

I pray that the Lord bless, guide & guard you during these strange times. May you be like King David who begins Psalm 13 expressing frustration and voicing the impression that God had forgotten (or worse, was ignoring) him… nevertheless, he finished the psalm this way five verses later:

“…But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.
I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.

Psalm 13.5-6

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