Liz is “Virtually” in Quebec

Liz is “Virtually” in Quebec

Last night, the Quebec District Ladies’ Department began their online district ladies’ conference, and Liz was there, “sort of”...

As I mentioned last week, Liz was in the midst of recording videos and after several days of uploading them to YouTube (yes… several days!!) we were able to get them sent off.

But I get ahead of myself… let me back up a bit & talk about a few other things first.


I remember, during my senior year of high school, having to fill out a number of university applications, mailing them off and then waiting. The common question among friends during the following few months was…

“Did you get your acceptance letter?”

The acceptance letter, after all, was the key to unlock “the rest of your life” or so it seemed at the time. Nevertheless, it was a bit of a right of passage and when the letter finally did come, OH! The joy and excitement.

Well the times have changed and France’s system is different than back home, making for a double whammy of sorts.

Here, high school seniors fill out an online dossier in which they indicate their preferred schools in order of priority. They fill in the usual information as well as a cover-letter of sorts, indicating, for each school, why it’s one of their preferences.

Applications are then housed in a national database and post-secondary institutions will sort through applicants that way. They accept or reject a student’s application and that is communicated through the same system. All students in France find out at the same time where they’ve been accepted and whether or not they’re on a waitlist.

Tuesday evening, at 5:00pm, the results dropped and immediately after supper we all gathered in the living room for Soph & Nick to see what was waiting for them.

Praise the Lord, they both got their first picks… schools in Poitiers, meaning that we don’t have to be thinking about setting up school housing for them. They can remain at home and it won’t disrupt their involvement at church.

Timo had to do a similar process (though not on a national basis) for his choice of high school next year. We got the dossier completed and sent off this week as well.

Escape from Châtellerault

The second big step this week came in the form of a little excursion.

While confinement has eased greatly, we are still not able to travel more than 100km from home but for exceptional circumstances. Thursday was a holiday here and Liz in particular was ready to be out of Châtellerault for a short excursion.

We didn’t go far… just down to Blossac Park in Poitiers. The kids & I had been there but Liz never had… and it’s a beautiful park, situated on the old walls & ramparts of the city. The park dates back to the 1700s, but even more impressive than that… the walls and ramparts upon which it’s built, date back to the 1300s.

It was nice to get out, see something different, have a slushie and (for the kids) connect with a couple of friends.

Ladies’ Conference

Initially, there was a question as to whether or not the ladies’ conference would go on or not. As with most gatherings, Covid-19 put the kai-bosh to the initial plans.

District Ladies President, and friend, Liane Grant was faced with a choice: Cancel the conference altogether (this is what many North American districts opted to do) or come up with a virtual solution.

Kudos to her… she opted for the latter.

As a result, not only will ladies in Quebec be blessed by the teaching, testimonies and music… but the impact will likely be felt in a number of area of the world.

All resources are available in English, French and Spanish. (Liz recorded both English and French sessions, and a Spanish interpreter over-dubbed the Spanish versions). My experience is that web-based material tends to take on a life of it’s own and people are still benefiting from it years later.

If you’d like to watch any of Liz’ teaching sessions, they’ll be live on the site for 1 week – click the image below. (after that, I’ll update this post so you can still find the videos).

That’s been our week…

and what the Lord’s been doing in and through us, as a result of your support. Thank you for once again stopping by. Pray that Liz’s words have an impact far beyond the borders of Quebec.

God bless you this week!

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