Birthdays & “Graduation”

Birthdays & “Graduation”

The third week of June has always been “Birthday Week” as both Dominic and Sophie celebrate their birthdays. This year they also share a (rather unique) graduation experience, given the combination of the French system and COVID-19.

I saved up and will tell you a bit about all 3 special days in today’s post.

French Graduation

The first thing you have to know about the French. They don’t do the full-blown graduation ceremony / festivities that are common in North America. If they do anything, it will simply be a Small ceremony in November to hand out the diplomas: No caps & gowns and all but no fanfare.

2020, being what it is, is a unique year in and of itself, so to add to the lack of fanfare, the kids won’t even be doing doing “The BAC” – the very French, very stressful, year-end exam that usually supercedes all running-average marks.

The kids are relieved, but at the same time it’s a real right of passage here in France that they will not have experienced… but they’re still more relieved than disappointed.

A Combination Event

Last Friday, we organized a special day for them… a combined birthday at the “Vélo Rail”. It’s an abandoned rail line where they are on pedal-powered carts for a 16km (10mi) trip out and back. We’d done it a couple years ago as a family but this time it was just about the kids and their friends. After 2 hours of biking, they arrived back and Liz & I served treats.

None of Soph’s friends were able to make it that day, but she’ll do something else with them later. Given that school’s out early, many had already departed on mini-getaways.

Dominic & Soph arranged a special grad ceremony where they donned their graduation robes (Soph got hers in Florida, in 2018 and we ordered one for Dominic from Amazon) and handed out homemade diplomas to each friend there. They were surprised, because of course, they’d come to spoil Dominic. It was awesome!

After the diploma ceremony… they sat down on the tracks (abandoned) for some gift-giving.


Sunday was Father’s Day here in France so Saturday was spent getting ready for that. Sunday afternoon was playing catch-up a bit (this may or may not have involved a Sunday afternoon nap – in which all 5 of us may or may not have taken part!!).

Soph’s actual birthday was somewhat low-key, but that was alright, given the other busyness. She was just as happy about that.

Cake, her favourite meal, a basket of goodies and some global online chats with friends made for a great day for her.

This young lady is truly a young lady now. Where has the time gone? … for both our kids. An instagram memory just popped up yesterday of Dominic in front of Notre Dame, during the 2015 AYC trip. The difference is unbelieveable!

We have some incredible kids… let me just tell you that!

Growing things…

We harvested potatoes from the garden this week. Just a small little plot with 8 plants of an early variety. We’ll plant more throughout the summer for a fall harvest as well.

Speaking of growing, there’s been a man growing in his faith in our local church… please pray for Jean-Marie. The Lord healed him from cancer last year but something is up recently and he’s back in hospital for some tests. His family is understandably concerned. So if you could remember him in prayer this week… I’d appreciate it.

He know the Lord healed him the first time and is trusting him for whatever this is as well.

Until next time…

Thank you & God bless you today!

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  1. I have already prayed for your friend and will continue, I still remember praying for your children-about the schools and such-now, look at them! The picture of the boys on the track speaks . Two young men on two different tracks-starting their journeys. Well God speed to all and congratulations all around. Stay safe.

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