Lockdown #2 – Day 5: #Election2020

Lockdown #2 – Day 5: #Election2020

Given what’s going on in France today, I suppose I could also have entitled this post: Babysteps in absurdity, but we’ll leave it as is, since what’s reflected by the existing title will impact the world more than ‘Babysteps…’

Let me tell you what’s happening in France today, then I’ll share a few thoughts on the Election.

(Really… I’ll limit myself to a few, though I do have LOTS.)

Separation of Food and…

Everything else.

Remember on Sunday how I told you that large grocery stores were going to have to close off their book/magazine sections so as to not represent unhealthy competition to the (closed) independant bookshops?

Well… the practice is expanding. As of tomorrow, other non-essential items will also be cordoned off in large stores – things like:


Ummm… Can you believe it!?

The government’s intention is good. They’re trying to take a measure that’s in the best interest of small business (or at least lessens the negative impact). Small business leaders though, while they recognize the gesture, are not satisfied. They just want to be open.

If, however, exceptions are made all ’round, how is it a confinement?

Their other complaint is that it drives people to Amazon online. Amazon is less present than in North America, but its sales grew significantly during the last confinement – even though at one point, they were restricted from being able to sell books (for the same reason as above).

There truly is no easy answer and often, what people qualify as ‘an urgent need’ is really just a knee-jerk demand in response to a removal of convenience.

We’ll survive without buying new books, clothes & make-up for the next 4 weeks. (Gosh… I’ve got stacks of books waiting to be read)

Not much longer…

I really can’t wait for this to be over, and by “it” I mean this torturous, 2-year, toxic election (although really, there’ve been 4 years of chaotic toxicity). While I’d disagree with Joe Biden on some fundamental policy issues, due to conservative views, he is a decent human being, where Donald Trump has:

– massively lowered the civility of public discourse
– taken conspiracy theories to the mainstream
– brought a dizzying level of nepotism / self-dealing to the administration
stirred up civil tension rather than sought to appease it
I could go on (and on, and on)… but you get the picture.

Is it possible that God raised him up to be president during the past four years? Yes, of course, Paul says…

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”
Romans 13.1

Many tout this verse long and loud with Trump in the Oval Office and use it to argue that we must be submitted to the authority that God has established. (I just hope that, in the event of a Biden victory, they believe this verse as fervently.)

Daniel 2.21 says that “He [God] removeth kings and setteth up kings.”

If God set Donald Trump up as the elected authority in 2016, then He also established Barack O’Bama as such in the 2008 & 2012 elections, George Bush before that, etc. What’s more… it just may be that he may remove Trump as a result of today’s election.


Two excellent resources on the mixing of Donald Trump and the Evangelical Right are the following:

  1. Jonathan Cahn’s books The Oracle & The Paradigm draw dizzying parallels betwee Old Testament prophecy and US Presidential leadership over the past several decades. They’re really quite astounding.
  2. Matt Kaufman’s article in the Bulwark, Why Christians should dump Trump. (Note: the author spent nearly 30 years writing for Focus on the Family, so it’d be difficult to dismiss him as a voice from the Left)

For what it’s worth – not much more than simple curiosity – one of the most beautiful spots in New England, Dixville Notch, has already completed their election: 5 eligible voters, 5 votes for Biden. (Photo: Dixville notch from Table Rock, Christ Whiton, Fine Art America)

So… there you have it… a bit of insanity from France.
Praying for the US Election today…
it really will impact the world so it’s too important an issue to not pray.
God bless you!

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