Lockdown #2 – Day 6: a Departure

Lockdown #2 – Day 6: a Departure

We got news yesterday that someone near and dear to the church in Châtellerault passed from this life to eternity, but the Lord heard her prayers.


I first met Jeanette in 2009.

The church had fairly recently acquired the building in which we now meet, but the sanctuary was still under renovation after a fire (prior to our the church acquiring it) damaged that part of the building. Services were held in what is now the Sunday School room.

This is my first memory of Jeanette. Seated on the first row of chairs, engaged in worship during the singing, hanging off of every word during the sermon, and kneeling in fervent prayer following it.

In that first photo, her hair was thick and dark. Last year, when I took the picture of her and Liz, below, it was completely white, but all of her 91 years did not show in the youthful skin of her face. She felt it in her body though.

Her Prayer…

We visited her in the the nursing home regularly. She always kept up her Bible reading and read through the Bible just about every year. She would express frustration if she found herself 2-3 days behind, and always tried to be several days ahead.

As her body slowed down and didn’t give her the freedom of movement that she once had (she used to always bicycle to work), she would say “I pray every night and ask the Lord to take me… but I’m still here. He doesn’t want me yet.”

Sunday night, God answered her prayer. She passed peacefully, fully in her right mind, during her sleep (the way we’d all like to depart).


Lockdown kept us from being able to attend her funeral and say a proper goodbye, but she & Liz spoke by phone on Saturday. Normally very short conversations (to coordinate a visit), Liz remarked afterwards that it had been a longer than usual call this time.

The Lord had given them a ‘goodbye conversation’, even if neither knew it at the time.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”
Psalm 116.15

“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”
Philippians 1.21

Thanks for stopping by today,
God bless you!

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