L2 – Day 29: Playing Catch-Up

L2 – Day 29: Playing Catch-Up

Hello, my name is Mike & I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. 🙂

Let’s see if can catch you up on a few of the things that have made up our week…


Laura was baptized on Sunday after driving over an hour and a half, with her family, to be there. We took all the necessary precautions, shared a wonderful moment together, then shared a bite to eat at the church before they hit the road home.

Will we see them regularly? Likely not, given the distance, but her walk with the Lord is that much more established. It’s so cool… she saw her need to be baptized in Jesus’ name simply from reading the Bible.

God’s word speaks.

Clicking below for a French, video Bible study on baptism.
Cliquer l’image pour une étude, via vidéo, sur le baptême.

Aside from the great privilege of getting to baptize someone on Sunday, the week can be divided into two parts… Pre-/Post- Cellphone recovery. 🙂


Sunday and Monday I was without my phone; It’s a strange sensation. In some ways, very limiting (no password tracker app – *gulp*), but on the other hand, kind of liberating (like when we were forced into ‘internet-free’ living for several weeks last Spring).

The up-side: I found an Apple authorized repair place in Poitiers & they were able to do a same-day battery replacement. What a relief!


The next morning, we woke up to low tire pressure… for the second time (the first was Sunday after church). Another cause for frustration… our 14 year-old bundle of joy is getting to the point where every time we turn around there are a few more aches & itches to scratch. It’s unnerving really… especially so soon after having taken it to the garage.

They were able to take the car that afternoon, found the minor cause behind it and repaired it at no cost.

Thank you Lord.

On Edge

I find myself on edge of late.

In French, they say ‘J’ai le coeur serré’. The literal translation would be ‘My heart’s squeezed tight’ but it would be similar to ‘I’m on edge’. Shortness of breath is not far and the least little thing sets me off. With all of us more or less confined to the house, we’re really on top of each other and finding quiet is not easy.

I lean heavily toward introversion (not ‘perpetually awkward around people’ introverted, rather more ‘recharging my batteries in quiet’ introverted), and the relative inability to find quiet is, little by little, taking its toll.

I have to work extra hard to lead students into discussion, in English, online; coaching them through minor technical challenges, being their cheerleader so as to boost their moral.

Momentary Therapy

So… as I write, I’m hiding out in the bedroom, sitting on the bed, listening to the 1959 recording of Handel’s Messiah: Sir Thomas Beecham conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & chorus, perhaps one of the best versions out there.

I’m still breathing a bit heavier than normal, but I’m doing it to the sung word of God. It’s amazing to me that so much of Handel’s work is taken word-for-word from scripture.

O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion,
Arise, say unto the cities of Juday,
behold your God!
The glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

Isaiah 40:9, 60:1

I’m not sure that scripture has ever been set to finer music.

That’s it for today… thanks for visiting.
God bless you today!

4 responses

  1. Michael, I would not consider you an introvert, but perhaps I only knew you as you fought contrary to your true nature. Being with people us tough, but consider the alternative, you could be all alone as I fund myself from time to time and not by choice.

    • Hey there Ben, I would never have considered myself introvert-leaning until reading a book by Susan Cain “Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” (Funny story, I initially picked it up for a friend who considered themselves to be introverted, then, as I did the initial 11 question survey, 7 of the 11 could be said of me – I was astounded!) Anyway, this is one key takeaway: “Introverts can easily carry themselves as extroverts when involved in things they’re passionate about.” So, in my case for example, if people knew me through church or teaching… they would never guess. As far as meaningful conversations go… group settings will rarely do it for me, one on one / one on two is where it’s at. (that’s true of all introvert-leaners).

      To your point… I’m sorry to read that. I don’t understand the ‘why’ behind certain situations, sometimes they sure don’t seem to make sense – one thinks they’ve done everything ‘right’ and ‘boom’ … curve ball that no one saw coming. When I was feeling like that in 2012, the one thought/prayer that kept me was “Lord, I don’t understand, but I know you’re faithful.”

      Of course, in what I described above, it’s just a question of ‘recharging’ in quiet for a bit. The edginess is, I think, the result of spending weeks on end, more or less confined at home (2nd time this year). When I went to Poitiers to get the phone fixed (20mins on the highway) it was literally like a breath of fresh air… wayyyyy more liberating that it would be if I was doing it daily. 🙂

      Bless you friend.

      • I now notice my spelling misses. I don’t mean to bring you down, just practicing the thing I try to do in my own life lately, finding silver linings in the clouds that bring the rain. I am an introvert too by nature and do agree that crowds and/or crowded situations can be less than enjoyable though.

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