L2 – Day 30: Sun’s in the East

L2 – Day 30: Sun’s in the East

In some ways, France is about to breathe a little bit easier tomorrow… Lockdown restrictions will be ‘loosened’. So I’m curious to see if things get haywire or not…

A Loostening…

The main changes that will come into effect tomorrow are the following:

  • Churches will be able to organize services again, with a cap of 30 people.
  • Non-essential business will be able to re-open, albeit with a limit of 1 person per 85 square feet.
  • Rather than having leisure activities limited to a 1km radius for 1 hour, it’s extended to a 20km radius for up to 3 hours.
  • Restaurants & cafĂ©s remain closed until January 20th at the earliest.
  • We still need to fill out a government form each time we go out (though it can now be done on our phones then turned into a .pdf – much easier!)
  • Schools remains unchanged (Elementary and secondary remain open, post-secondary, mainly distance education) and adults are encouraged to work from home as much as possible.

It’s one step back toward normality. Although I’m not even sure that we can talk about ‘normality’ anymore… ‘What is normal?’

I suspect it will be like the before and after 9/11. Beforehand… who even thought of removing their belts & shoes before going through airport security… to be asked to do so was not normal. Now…. it’s our new normal. I suspect that that’s what we’ll see once all this is through. We’ll go back to a new normal that’s, as yet, undefined.

One thing that hasn’t changed though… the sun still rises in the east.

A New Day…

This was the view out the window this morning… So nice to wake up to. When ‘confinement blues’ are knocking at your door, as they were a bit yesterday, morning views like this help a great deal.

As you can see, the grass is still green (I mowed it over the weekend), and not all the leaves on the birch next door have shifted from green to golden yet.

Temperatures remain unseasonably warm. I still see the odd bee out foraging and get this (I’ll have to take a picture & show you), there are a couple of immature lilac blossoms open on our lilac bush. Since they haven’t had the winter to fatten up, they’re comically small, but they’re honest-to-goodness lilac blossoms.

The other thing…

… that hasn’t changed is this. God is faithful. Regardless of the uncertainties of time, culture and people… God is the same.

Time and again, Israel went wandering (& not just when they were in the desert). Jeremiah said that they bowed themselves before wood and stone, temporal things that wane over time, and God was there waiting for them all the while.

Lord help me not to long more for wood & stone than I do for you.

Thanks for visiting.
God bless you today!

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