Besides Fresh Eggs…

Besides Fresh Eggs…

We’re used to getting fresh eggs from the various times we’ve had chickens.

At present, we only have one chicken … so it’s not so much a question of getting fresh eggs, as it is of getting a fresh egg, from time to time. But this morning I woke up to fresh fish eggs on the wall of out little nano-aquarium (9L/ 2gallon).

My reaction… šŸ¤©
Liz’s reaction… šŸ™„
“But hon… it’s not my fault!” šŸ˜†

We’ll see… they normally eat their eggs anyway so it’s likely a non-issue.
Let’s catch up…


It’s official… I’ve gone a long way to losing my blogging mojo. I’ve missed the odd week here & there, but the past couple of months have been a bit ridiculous. It’s not completely gone, but we’re at a definite low-point in the blogging department. I think to some extent it’s a question of being a bit overwhelmed with the return to “quasi-normal, post-covid life”.

I’ll tell you one thing… teaching with a mask is far more draining. There’s one day where I have 6h of in-class teaching. That’s tough, although it’s great to be back in face-to-face with students.

There’ve been a few challenges and we’re working through those, but all in all… it’s made for a little bit of desire to blog, generally speaking.


We finished up October with a late Thanksgiving dinner.

We waited until the kids were on their end of October school break – Sophie had 1 week and the boys had 2 weeks off of classes.

Liz went back to the same butcher as last year and was able to get a full turkey. The price is a bit exorbitant compared to what you’d pay in Canada, but otherwise, it’s nigh unto impossible to get a full turkey at this time of year – and of a decent size.

I’ve mentioned before … you can typically only find full turkeys at Christmas, and 3kg is about the biggest you’ll find in most grocery stores.

A 3kg (6.5lb) turkey is barely even Thanksgiving-worthy! šŸ™‚


I must say… (as I probably mention each year), that we’re missing the vibrant fall colours of eastern Canada. The full hillsides of brilliant red, orange and yellow are a sight to behold.

Here, you’ll find the odd stand of large-leaf oak (most oak trees here are small-leaf), but they tend to be simply a deep burgundy colour, the birches are yellow and you’ll find a few bits of sumack in people’s yars. That adds a bit of red, but it’s not the same as the full hillsides.

Here’s one of the birch trees taken from a classroom I teach in on the Poitiers campus. OK… it’s yellow-ish.


Technology continues to be a helpful tool for us.

The youth meet every other weekend and we have one person in Germany (a young person from church who’s on a semester abroad), a gal near Angers (2hrs away). and another young person who’s about 30mins away but unable to come onsite. From time to time, some of the Bordeaux youth join in as well, and that’s a real encouragement.

Speaking of Bordeaux, we were down there for service a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to get away and experience church with some of the other established believers. Due to Covid, most inter-church interaction (conferences / conventions) have been kai-boshed, limiting fellowship.

We also had prayer via Zoom again last night. There again, multiple folks were able to be present that otherwise would not have been.

Such a strange new world we’re living in.

Thanks for stopping by again today.
When you think of us, send up a prayer… they’re never not needed.

God bless you & yours!

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