Cheesy Christmas 13: Stilton

Cheesy Christmas 13: Stilton

On one hand I was glad to finally be able to say that I’d tasted Stilton cheese, you see, there was a time when we were reading about it on a near-daily basis!

Reading about Stilton cheese you say?

Well… sort of. You see when our kids were small, there was a series of cartoon books about an intelligent mouse names Geronimo Stilton and our kids LOVED him. He was always going on a new adventure with his clumsy cousin, Trap, his adorable (and adored) nephew Benjamin and his always-there-to-save-the-day sister Thea (How DOES one pronounce that name? The jury’s still out).

So you see… we were no strangers to the existance of Stilton cheese, but today would be our first taste…

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