30 Days of Gratitude… 1

30 Days of Gratitude… 1

I’m going to start the month of June with a new series of posts, for a couple of reasons…

Firstly, I’ve not been great about posting for quite some time, so I want to jump start things again.

Secondly… I want to take a bit better notice of, and highlight, positive aspects of what’s going on in my/our life.

So… let’s go…

The (loose) Rules

For the most part, I’ll impose upon myself the following rules:

  • I’ll post one photo (I almost always build my posts from – or based on – a recent photo), requiring minimal editing. I find that in my normal posts, I can easily spend an hour or more, just getting photos edited… the goal is to make these posts easier to produce, thereby increasing the chances that I’ll stick to my rhythm.
  • I’ll try to mention something current… either something that’s happened that day or in the recent days. The goal here is to try to train myself to look for the positive in each new day… not just reach way back into past good days.

The Church in Bordeaux

We were back down to Bordeaux for church this past Sunday.

It was a long day because we drove down and back the same day… so it meant a 2,5hr drive each way. Although it’s 5h of driving, it’s split in two, with some great church, lunch with friends, and a relaxed chat over coffee. Very nice!

In particular, the youth of that church have been, and continue to be, an integral part of our kids’ spiritual life. The youth from Châtellerault ARE part of the Bordeaux youth… they are really one in the same…. and that’s incredible!

It’s also a safe group to which our kids can invite their friends. Not that other groups are un-safe… but not all groups are really, really skilled at welcoming new people and making them feel like they inherently belong… right from day one.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and the Bordeaux youth hit it out of the park every. single. time!

…and for that, I’m grateful.

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