24 Days of Ornaments – 9

24 Days of Ornaments – 9

Welcome to day nine of my advent calendar of ornaments. Cheesy Christmas (2020 & 2021) is out, and instead I’m giving you a tour of our hodge-podge of a Christmas tree – one ornament at a time until Christmas Day.

Today’s ornament will warm you right up to the neck…

Off of Tiny Knitting Needles

If I’ve given you the impression, up to this point, that I’m the chief ornament maker in the family, then I’ve been remiss in my responsibilities… for that’s definitely not the case.

Any guesses as to who is responsible for the tiny hand-knit turtle-neck sweaters that adorn the tree?

If you guessed Liz… you’d be right.

Thanks to her there is a warm reminder of chilly, Canadian winters on our tree. Several colours, but all matching designs… again, enough for each one of us (plus a couple to spare – because she got on a roll one year)… the goal being that, when the kids are out on their own or with families (and Christmas trees of their own), they’ll take a sweater with them.

In the same way that a turtle neck is like giving your whole upper body a big, warm hug… so sending your kids out into life with the assurance of love, affection and comfort is not without value; it’s part of preparing them to face life and to face the world with an outlook of success – that they are equipped to face every situation – even bleak cold.

So thank you Liz… for these cozy sweaters on the tree!

… and that’s today’s Christmas ornament.

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