Breaking my silence.

Incredible post … If missions is burning in your heart, you will be able to relate.

Kendra Shock

We are closing in on the middle of 2014. It’s been a year and a half since I returned from the Philippines…and I haven’t been able to utter a word about it in written form.

I told my friend Melinda Poitras, “It’s like there’s nothing I can adequately say about it. It’s all in the crock pot of my mind and every time I go to lift the lid, I just know I’m going to ruin it.”

I’ve started so many blogs about it. This one doesn’t even do it justice. But it will have to do.

It started stirring for some reason yesterday afternoon, when one of my sweet girls in our youth group surprised me with a beautiful case for my phone. A wooden, hand-carved world map on the back of the casing. “The whole gospel to the whole world,” something inside of me whispered. I thanked her…

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