Small City… Big Heart, DeQuincy LA

After leaving Pensacola, Florida… our next major destination was to be Dallas, Texas. We knew that we’d have to stop and spend a night somewhere in between but we just planned on driving until we felt like stopping, and finding a hotel there… (wherever “there” was).

One thing we knew we wanted to do however, was make a quick stop in DeQuincy, LA… 15-20 minutes or so, to run a quick errand at The Pentecostal Church.

Thanks… and thanks again!

Back in March, when we sent out our information packets, TPC’s pastor, Bro. Neyland took us on as a partner… without following up with or ever having met or spoken with us. He was the first to formally take us on, outside of our home district.  This expression of “blind trust” in us meant and means a great deal to me, so I wanted to stop by in person and express my thanks. Little did I know that he would give us many more reasons to say “Thank you!”

picstitchBro. Neyland’s church has a double-wide mobile home that is used for visiting ministers which he graciously invited us to make use of. Later, we had supper together and the kids were able to play on the trampoline – entertained by the pastor’s son – before capping the evening off with a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream (oh my word, that’s good ice cream!!).

The next morning Liz was able to do a bit of laundry and the kids could do some school at a table… instead of in the car, before we all went for lunch at Bartrella’s Uptown Café (it was their last day in business).



Living up to their mottos

The title for this post is no accident, it is the motto of the city of DeQuincy and features prominently on the city’s websiteSmall City… Big Heart: With a population of roughly 3,500-4,000 it is indeed a small city but oh what a heart!  Similarly… the motto for the Neylands church is Loving God, Loving People and again, they certainly lived up to that motto.

When I think of Bro. Neyland and his church, the words of Paul in Galations 4.14-15 come to mind…

you… received me as an angel of God, even as Christ Jesus… I bear you record, that, if it had been possible, ye would have plucked out your own eyes, and have given them to me.

New Friends… new Family

Most of the visits, during this trip, were with people that we’ve known for a number of years, and the time spent together with them was rich. This visit however, was not like most of those others… this was a time to make a new friendship.

We were in DeQuincy for less than 24 hours, but those hours are etched in our minds as a time of rich connection.  I am thankful for the family of God where you can come together as strangers and leave as family.

Thank you Lord for the gift of the family of God!


Open Invitation…

If you’re in the DeQuincy area and looking for a church family, you can find The Pentecostal Church at 301 W. 4th St., DeQuincy LA 70633. Their phone number is (337) 786-4740

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  1. Great story Bro. Long. So true, the family of Jesus is far reaching. It’s so nice to be apart. Please tell Sister Long hello for me!

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