Week 2 as Family of 6…

As many of you were reading last week’s post, we were meandering past tables upon tables of books ‘neath the ruins of a baronnial castle built in the 12th century… you guessed it. We were back in Angles-sur-l’Anglin for their annual…


Angle-sur-l'Anglin, MKMinistries, UPwithMKs, foire aux livres, book festival, book fair, used books

For a small town, Angles-sur-l’Anglin has a lot going on! This is where Liz & I went for our anniversary and then again for fireworks (it’s only about 25min away). Today, though, we went for their book fair.

Streets throughout the entire village were filled with stands, tables & displays. Most were selling books (lots of antique books) but others were selling vintage prints, postcards or maps.

I think each of us came away with a little something. My find was an old copy of the “Jerusalem Bible” in three volumes.

In the picture of the kids… you may or may not be able to clearly see what they’re holding, but they each have a “travel buddy.”  Travel buddies are fuzzy critters that love to travel with MKs and serve as a tangible reminder that someone, somewhere is praying specifically for them.  Not only did our kids receive travel buddies from our church’s Sunday School department, before leaving, but they also received a set from Missionary to Ghana, Colleen Carter.

Thank you for your regular prayers for the kids!

Back to Bordeaux

Restaurant l'Entrecôte, Bordeaux, friendship

The following day, Sunday, we headed down to the city of Bordeaux following the morning service. Our goal was simple… a bit of fellowship with one of our nearest pastor-neighbours and his family / youth. (Note: while among the two closest churches, they’re roughly 2.5hrs away.)

Along with Pastor & Sis. Madjling, and their eldest daughter Marina, we enjoyed an incredible meal at the Entrecôte Restaurant. Everyone eats the same salad and main course (steak & fries)… you choose only the way you’d like it cooked. Afterwards, you have a choice of dessert.

The kids, meanwhile, headed off to something a little less time consuming and found a KFC where they could get something quickly and then walk downtown to get an ice cream. It was awesome for our kids to get together with a few others. It doesn’t happen all that often so it’s precious when it does.

Thanks Bro. & Sis. Madjling for your friendship & hospitality!


Future AIMer??

Miranda Carter, music, worship

The kids continued to enjoy the company of Miranda Carter  this week. Not only did they have fun jamming together after services but on Tuesday night we all walked down toward the church past many bushes heavy with ripe blackberries. We came home with two big containers full as well as a third container filled with plums. (One of our favourite things to do with blackberries is to make home-made blackberry ice cream. Alas, the ice cream maker stayed in Canada)

It was particularly nice for Sophie to have another girl around. We are thankful that she decided to come spend these two weeks with us and look forward to having her back on AIM status next year, if the Lord doesn’t come back first.

Wedding Bells

Today we are so happy to join with our friends Sylvain & Camille as they get married. Sylvain spent a year as a student marker for me while I taught French at the University of New Brunswick. Our friendship has continued to grow since 2002 and it’s very special to spend this day with them.

Prayer Support

Pray for…

  • … Miranda as she prepares to fly home Monday morning – safety and direction.
  • … Me as I head to Melun Sunday afternoon for a week’s worth of teaching in the Bible School.
  • … Liz & the kids who will hold the fort here in Châtellerault.

Thank you for your love & support… you are special to us!

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