Christmas, Blogs & Outreach

Hôtel de Ville, Tours, Loire Valley, Noël, Christmas

City Hall in Tours

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, minus the snow… mixed feelings about that:

  • Glad for no shoveling or plowing yet.
  • There’s still lettuce in the garden.
  • Pansies add winter colour in the garden.
  • BUT… it’s weird to see Christmas decorations alongside green grass & bare pavement.

Jury’s still out!

Latest Bi-Monthly Newsletter


We’ve just published our latest partner newsletter. If you are a regular reader of the blog then you will be pretty much up to date.

If you know someone who is interested in or has a burden for France… feel free to print it for them or forward them the link. It will give a good snapshot of the past couple of months.

Click here to read the newsletters:

in English
en Français


Outreach Efforts

For those who haven’t seen it yet, we launched this 2:48-min video on Monday. The 3-fold goal:

1. Offer 3 verses to encourage people in uncertain times.
2. Direct them toward our Facebook and web pages.
3. Offer them a Home Bible Study

In the next 2-3 weeks we’ll distribute 2,500 cards in an attempt to cast the net wide. Please join us in prayer for this undertaking… souls are in the balance.

(Note video is in French)


AIMKid bloggers…

(*unapologetic commercial alert*)

Soph and Dominic each have a blog and are “occasional bloggers” – they don’t blog often, but when they do, it’ll give you a window on the missions world from a kid’s perspective.

Click the images to check ’em out & SUBSCRIBE
(You’ll get an email each time they publish), Sophi Long, AIMKid, MK, France, Châtellerault, Third Culture, domalong, Dominic Long, AIMKid, MK, France, Châtellerault, Third Culture Kid

In General…

Aside from all that good stuff… it’s been a productive week, albeit fairly heavy on administrative tasks:

  1. December’s Pentecostal Messenger is off to print.
  2. Partner newsletter  &  monthly reports to our sending organization are done.
  3. Year-end church reports for the French Federation are mostly done
  4. Lawn mowed (hopefully for the last time), cleaned out the church garden & planted pansies for the winter (neat to have winter colour in the garden).
  5. We spent Monday evening as guests at our landlord’s home… what a treat, the fire was roaring in the fireplace when we arrived!
  6. Got to visit with a dear shut-in saint from our church.

…looks busy when you sit down & list it, but it’s just a mix of “life” and “ministry”… not unlike you. You balance work, family and involvement in between… God bless & strengthen you as you do!  The only difference is, you allow us to do it in France and help grow the church while we’re here. Thank you.



As many of you read this, I’ll be at Bible School in Melun. I head home tonight for service tomorrow and then we’ll hit the highway for a few days of rest & relaxation.

Kids in French schools had a 2-week break in late October and will get another at Christmas. Our AIMkids haven’t had that luxury; along with Liz, they are really looking forward to a week off before return & hit the road running in the lead-up to Christmas.

Note: We’ll be hosting a special guest this Christmas… details to follow)

One more glimpse at Christmas preparations here…

marché de noël, Tours, Christmas Market, Christmas

Christmas Market in Tours



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