A New Year in France

A Quiet New Year

Happy New Year, 2016, January 1st, premier janvierSince we’d done a fair bit of visiting over the past week, we opted for a quiet New Year’s Eve as a family watching Mary Poppins (since we forgot to bring “the Sound of Music” with us).

We spent New Year’s Day preparing a nice meal that we would share with friends from the community… complete with foie gras, leek soup, duck and Italian panettone, topped off with a game of turkey foot over coffee.  Lovely way to begin the new year & Liz outdid herself as the hostess with the mostest.

Renewed Vision & outreach

trésors cachés, médias service diffusion, calendrier, versets bibliquesTomorrow at church we’ll be kicking off the new year with a fresh call to grow in the Lord and reach out beyond our walls to those around us.

We’ve purchased calendars for each of our church members with a daily Bible verses to help each one discover some of the major themes of scripture. In addition though, we’ve also given everyone a second, gift-wrapped calendar that they can in turn give to a friend that they’ve been praying for. The goal… to bring others closer to Christ. Please keep this particular outreach in prayer this week.

Looking Ahead…

Many of you know that our missionaries return to France in March – six months ahead of schedule thanks to #IAmGlobal. That being said, we’d like to continue on here for a while, working with them after their return.

Need: While on furlough, their budget covered several of our expenses which, when they return, will become our responsibility, increasing the amount of required monthly financial support.

I’ve put together the following 3-min video to outline “our Beginnings, our First Year and beyond.” It will generally reside elsewhere on the site, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at it first.

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To say thanks…

In the video I mentioned a special newsletter and article as my thanks for subscribing to the newsletter; spreading & building awareness.  Here’s a quick overview:

Building Engaged Youth, Building Missionaries
…through Short Term Missions

ebook, buiding engaged youth, short term missions, AIMLong.ca, AIM, UPCI, Mike LongI credit my current involvement in ministry to extensive Short Term Missions (STM) involvement beginning in youth. Missions truly changed my life. In this 6-page eBooklet, I detail:

My STM experiences & their impact
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UPCI STM opportunities

If you want to see young people impact the world and be impacted by Short Term Missions, this booklet will give you an overview of what’s possible.

Top 15 in 2015

ebook, short term missions, AIMLong.ca, AIM, UPCI, Mike LongThis 4-page eBooklet is simply a quick overview of the Top 15 moments of Ministry involvement and Family Life during our first eleven months as AIMers (or volunteer missionaries) here in France.


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A special appeal…

In the month of March, our expenses will more than double. Below is a minimum breakdown of what we’ll need in new monthly financial partners:

New Monthly Supporters Required

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Thank you for stopping by today. God bless you richly and help both of us to become more and more like him. Happy New Year!