Thanks Abeka Academy!

Thanks Abeka Academy!

In a single post today, we’re going to go back to August 2015 as well as look into the future. Ready?  Let’s start off with what I’ll call the “a few years down the road” portion….



Sophie’s Tasty Final Exam


Our kids use the Abeka Academy homeschool program. Classes are via DVD and we submit marks & some coursework directly to Pensacola Florida.

One of Sophie’s classes has been “Family & Consumer Science,” learning to count calories, read nutritional labels, to cook, etc. (kind of like Home Economics when I was in school). As a final exam, Soph had to plan a dinner party: including invitations, a prep day, menu planning, service, etc. and it was no slouch affair.

The menu:

  1. Entrée: Diced tomato served in a halved avocado, on a bed of lettuce.
  2. Main Course: Julien-styled carrots with peas, breaded turkey breats and duchess potatoes.
  3. Dessert: A two-toned, made-from-scratch pudding, garnished with whipped cream and a speculoos cookie.

Soph confessed to Liz when all was said ‘n’ done,
“Phew, I don’t know when the last time was that I sat down.”

… and Liz just smiled knowingly!

Two Growing Boys


Not only is our teenage girl becoming a young lady, but these boys are growing as well… just take a look.

Dominic has been busy with a number of tests this week and Timo has continued to work on memorizing the Rubiks Cube algorithms. Last night he solved the cube in only 99 seconds & this morning in 90!

Today, as many of you will be reading this, the kids will be out for Laser Tag with the other family from church (the Goligers) and our Astralian friends that we visited last week. Looking forward to a great time!

It was good, last Sunday, to see Dominic spontaneously go over & pray with Sophie during altar service while she was playing keyboard. These kids are contributing to the work here!

Now… back to August 2015.


“Pollux” the Dog


Remember when we tried to get a beagle puppy back in August?  It was a big flop as both puppies died within days of our getting them due to a rare disease. That put the kids off the idea of doing “dog-dom” for a while.

That changed this week when we met “Pollux” at the local dog shelter.

He’s a 3 year-old pup that had been rescued from a small, nearby river. He resembles a Tibetan Terrier (a larger version of the Shih-Tzu) but of course no one knows for sure.

There will be a few behaviours to correct (we think he probably always ate right from the table in his previous life) but we won’t have to deal with potty training.

Need I say that the kids were… ARE excited?

Helping other AIMers

I’m passionate about young people & missions but we can’t really support other AIMers financially at this point so if you remember, a few weeks ago, I had offered to help other AIMers set up a blog site for use during their appointment?  Well the first two are pretty much done:

Zachary & Michaela Bowles
Vienna, Austria

Devin & Jasmine Moore
Ghana, West Africa

UPCI, Global Missions, AIM, Associates in Mission, AIM2Go, Ghana, Nick & Pam Sisco, Devin MooreIf you have a heart for either of these countries, follow their blog, pray for them regularly & consider helping financially as well. You can make a difference in their world… in our world.


…and pray for us as we make plans for the Brochu’s return in less than a month.

As we come to the end of February, may the Lord be with you greatly today.



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