First Time Visitor…

First Time Visitor…

For the first time since coming here… we’ve had someone pay us a visit as a result of finding our church’s web page.
* Feeling Elated *

Last Sunday night, I received an email from a young man who is working in Châtellerault and who had gone online looking for a local church where he could worship & pray with other believers. After attending our midweek service he said that, having tried a number of other churches in the area since relocating here, it was his first time in a Pentecostal church and he LOVED what he felt & experienced. He is looking forward to returning and we praise God for one more hungry individual!


16 again…

Poitiers, hôtel de ville, Driver's licence

So this happened earlier in the week… after a 3 month administrative process (purely paperwork…. I didn’t need to do either a written or a road test) I received my French driver’s licence. Phewf!

I find it ironic that it came through right at the time that my mom was visiting from Canada. So just like when I got my first driver’s licence, back in the 1980’s, she came with me to pick it up. Only differences:

  • This time I drove there
  • It was in Poitiers, France & not West-side Saint John.


Spring Fields

Colza, Rapeseed, Beaumont, Naintré, countryside, Spring

The first time I saw brilliant yellow fields in abundance was during my 2 yr stay in Belgium in the early 1990’s. I just assumed that they were fields of mustard because of the striking colour and no one told me differently.

It is not mustard however but Colza or Rapeseed from which is produced an oil that, in years past, was extensively as a lubricant and for lighting but which finds more common use these days in the production of biodiesel fuel.

Either way… it makes for beautiful drives in the countryside.


Timo our Culinary Artist

Chocolate, Evian bottle, bottle, Chocolatier, dessert

One of the things that Timo has grown to enjoy, since being here, has been working in the kitchen – both in savory and sweet endeavours (Maybe we have a little French chef on our hands!?).

His project this week… make an Evian bottle out of dark chocolate and on his 3rd try… he nailed it!  It’s hollow, making it the perfect place to hide malt balls. The only problem… it can’t be out of the freezer for long or it’ll melt in your hand!  🙂


Mom’s visitRichelieu, Chinon, Forteresse, Indre-et-Loire, Patrimoine, Cardinal

From the get-go, Mom assured us that she didn’t intend for us to travel all over the place during her visit to continually sightsee; that was not her goal in coming. Her priority (spoken like a true gramma) just to be with us. Besides, sightseeing all together is impossible as we are 6 people with a 5-seat vehicle.

Since her arrival 10 days ago however, we did take 2 excursions:

  1. While Soph & Dominic were at Youth Retreat last weekend, we took advantage of their absence to drive up to Chenonceau Castle (See photos here).
  2. Thursday, while Liz & the kids were doing school, mom & I drove out to…
    • Richelieu: built in the 17th century and home to the infamous Cardinal de Richelieu and
    • Chinon: built beginning in the 12th century and the place where Joan of Arc met with & pledged to Charles VII to unite the people of France under him as their king.

So incredible to walk in the steps of history!


National Youth RetreatBellebouche, Retraite de jeunes, JeunesEPU, UPC France

Finally… here is a photo of the crowd at the national youth retreat last weekend, held only an hour from Châtellerault. Fellow AIMers Dean & Loreen Byfield were the guest speakers for the weekend and 14 young people were filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time, with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance (Acts 2.4).

Last year there were 140 young people in attendance and this year that number rose to 180… pushing the capacity of the facility. That’s a good problem to have!

Because of your support, Dominic & Sophie were able to be part of that great weekend… Thank you!

God bless your day today!


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