The Flowers of Chenonceau


2016_04_24-ChenonceauFlowersIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the amazing floral designs of France’s Chenonceau Castle. Wait. On second thought, I’d go one better and I’d show you…

Chenonceau, located near Tours in western France, is one of the country’s most visited castles. It’s quite possible that its popularity is at least partly due to the fact that every room of the castle is decorated with an original flower arrangement. That’s quite something in and of itself but what’s more… a skilled team of floral designers refreshs each bouquet twice per week.

Many of the flowers are grown right on the grounds of the castle in what was formerly the 10,000 sq. meter vegetable garden.

Here is a look at what those bouquets looked like in April, 2016 when Liz, Timo & I visited with my wonderful mom who was here from Canada.

(note: click on images to see full sized versions & descriptions)



OK… So I couldn’t resist including a couple of outdoor flower shots from the day as well (the final 4). Obviously, if you’re in France any time soon… the Château de Chenonceau is a must see!

Château de Chenonceau

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