France under Water!

France under Water!

Several months ago, we were able to baptize Danielle in Jesus’ name for the remission of sins (Acts 2.38) and Sunday she was able to be with us in service for the first time!

Up until 2-3 weeks ago, she was very restricted as to where she could travel, due to health treatments. Those limitations have relaxed considerably, so we thought that Mothers’ Day would be a great first service for her, having been separated from her son since last summer. We presented her with her baptismal certificate and had special prayer for a situation back home in Gabon that she is trusting God for.


Mothers’ Day in France

2016_06_04_momsLizWhile many of you celebrated Mothers’ Day back in May, France celebrated it last Sunday.

We switched up roles for the day; I led worship with the kids and Liz brought the message, on Naomi, from the book of Ruth.


When this woman left Bethlehem with her family, due to famine, she was known to all as that… Naomi. During her time in Moab however, life was not easy and she lost both her husband and her two sons… left a widow.

Upon her return to Bethlehem with Ruth, she told those who knew her to refrain from calling her Naomi, but rather they should call her “Mara” for “for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.”

Life had dealt her a rough blow and she’d grown bitter.

Yet… just like Exodus 15 where, when Moses put wood in the bitter water and it became sweet… drinkable, so, when we bring the wood of the cross into the bitterness of daily life… it becomes bearable.  Thank you Lord for the cross!


We took advantage of the occasion to stay for a bit afterwards and enjoy some coffee & cupcakes together for a time of fellowship and the youth gathered around the moms for some fun pictures.

For a couple of the moms present… church is the closest thing they have to a functional family. Such moments are important.




Last week, the 24hr news cycle was consumed with labour unrest & upheaval, but this week it’s flooding.

floodwaters, flooding, France 2016We are far from being the hardest region hit… but nonetheless, the amount of rainfall has been impressive (a bit “DE-pressive” as well) as has been the rise in the level of the Vienne River that passes through Châtellerault.

Floodwaters are completely covering the access road which runs down to a river-side parking lot.  To the right of the railing where the kids are sitting, there is normally a 6-7′ drop-off to the water’s edge.

That’s nothing though…

In Paris, the Seine River has been completely closed to ALL river traffic (tour boats & freight transfer) for several days and both the Louvre and the Orsay museums were closed yesterday so that they could relocate all collection pieces out of the basement as a precautionary measure (The main entrance to the Louvre is actually underground… at about river-level)… for the Louvre… that means some 7,ooo pieces that were on display and as many as 150,000 that were in storage.

Talk about a “declutter endeavour”!

We’ll have lots of grass to mow after two weeks of rain… but it could be MUCH worse. Thank you Lord for your protection.

flooding in paris, crue, zoave, eiffel tower

Image Credit: Thierry Chesnot (Getty Images)



The next few weeks will be very important ones for us:

  1. We’re looking at a number of administrative changes concerning our house here: rent, insurance, etc. that will put pressure on our finances.
  2. This month we’ll begin a campaign to raise 39 new monthly financial partners.
    Will you, your church, your Sunday School class or your Bible Study group help us?
  3. If you’re not already supporting us but would like to make a one-time, tax deductible donation… you can do so via home church’s Paypal account: when completing the form simply indicate that the gift is for  “Mike & Liz Long – France”.


We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve God here in France.
Thank YOU for being part of it!


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