Europe looks to France

Did you see yesterday’s Google Doodle?
… it put France center stage… here it is:



Starting yesterday and until July 10th, France is hosting 24 teams from around Europe for the UEFA’s Euro 2016, men’s soccer championship. Soccer fans have flocked here from across Europe to attend games and visit sights during the day.  Not just a simple “contest in Paris”, games will take place in various cities across the county, obliging some fans to travels for hours, by train or car, to potentially follow their favorite team.

Yet they do it… because they are passionate about soccer.


Being poorly received

As much as fans are excited to see their teams, a sad story is playing out in the background. Labour disputes continue across the country meaning that for 10 days straight, train travel was limited and for 7 days there has been no garbage collection in many parts of Paris… garbage men are on strike as well. Paris hired private contractors to clean areas most likely to be visited by tourists to the city.

Still… a small percentage of people are holding a gun to the head of Government & the French people, figuratively speaking.  CNN’s Jim Bitterman does a quick 1:37 min summary of things here.

We are relatively unaffected in Châtellerault but many of the French themselves are “battle weary” from the ongoing, long-term social unrest.



UPCI Global Missions, France, Kevin Wallace, I was excited to be able to help newly appointed missionaries (& fellow New Brunswickers) Kevin & Crystal Wallace this week in designing a banner for their deputation travels.

I had previously done their business cards for them (see photo: except for the logo, designed by their freelance designer friend Tony Shaw). Their banner will incorporate much of the same information and graphic elements for consistency of branding… but I won’t “out” it just yet… we’ll let them get it first!  🙂

It’s a pleasure to help them out… They did a tremendous job as AIMers here last year and the work in France needs them back here ASAP. If you’d like to partner with them financially, click here and enroll online – so simple!


Bible School weekend

I am in Melun for Bible school this weekend. I drove up yesterday and much to my surprise, the highway that I normally take was opened up again. It had been closed for the past 10 days as a section had been completely submerged in 1.5m (4’5″) of water during recent floods, and even Thursday it was still closed. heavy traffic, route N104, Evry, Traffic jam

Being able to zip right through saved me the 1hr detour on adjacent highways… however, I lost about 30min on the national road which skirts Paris to the south, leading to Melun.

It intercepts another major highway leading out of Paris and suppertime Friday is NOT the best time to get there.

  • Note the motorbikes zipping in between lanes of cars…. THAT took some getting used to! *

Had a cool moment when I actually recognized someone else who was stuck in traffic (among the thousands of cars)…. one of the Bible School students who lives in the area.


Green week2016_06_11-roses

This week was also a lawn-mowing week at both the church an at home. After the 2+ weeks of rain… it was not fun!

That being said, Timo mowed the lawn at church (with a lawn tractor… it’s not hard to find help) while I did edges, gardens, etc. so HE had a lot of fun!

With all the rain, we were also fortunate to get some nice rose blossoms. Many roses were short-lived as the rain had beat the flowers apart or caused them to rust & rot. Ours weren’t sufficiently budded out to be too terribly affected.


With the return of the nice weather and the lengthening days we were able, on Wednesday night after service, to have folks back to the house for an ice cream out in the yard. It was nice to just sit & visit for a while.


School & Birthdays

Well, the countdown is on for the end of school. Timo only has 12 class-days left (very exciting for him) but the older two have a bit more. They have been working on Saturdays as well in an effort to advance more quickly.

Also, both Soph & Dominic will have birthdays this month so next week we are planning a special outing on Saturday afternoon with some friends… photos to follow later!

Keep the kids in prayer extra especially… as school winds down and as they celebrate their birthdays without lifelong friends by their side.

They’re doing well… they really are!


God bless you today!
Thank you for following news from France!



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