Happy Birthday Dominic!

Happy Birthday Dominic!

Got to have coffee with this guy yesterday morning… just a bit of exclusive time out together (of the non-punitive persuasion)… he’s the real-deal!

Another Year of Blessing


First word of the day goes to this guy right here. Yesterday was Dominic’s birthday.

All in all the day was a little bit typical… it wasn’t a school-free day but we did go out for a coffee together at Pât-à-Pain, after which we did a bit of a photo-adventure around town. Liz made him a few of his favorite things for a late lunch (cucumber salad, meatballs & oven-roasted veggies) and we watched a movie together last night.

I can’t say just how much we’re proud of him. In the absence of a close circle of Christian friends, he is serving God as a young leader. I only wish that more people could benefit from the gifts that God has put in him.

There is a zeal in him for the things of God and living for Him. He is an example to me.

His name means “Belonging to God”. We dedicated him as such when he was an infant, but he is living up to his name daily. So proud!


La Vienne, 86, Châtellerault, Pont Henri IV

Dominic looking over the Vienne River, Châtellerault


Friends at a Distance

Here’s an example of the impact that your kids can have.

Recently, Dominic & Soph met a young brother & sister named Sarah & Toby who are roughly the same age. They don’t live here in Châtellerault and have faced some real challenges in their young years – and are still facing some. The kids began to tell them how valuable they are and how much God loves them and can help them in their circumstances. Pray for Toby & Sarah. You may never meet them, but the Lord knows their need and is just as close to them as the mention of His name.

Sarah is a budding photographer who does some incredible work… here are a few. Her eye can find beauty in nature just as God sees the beauty in her and her brother. He created them!


Last Weekend

ET_MontmartreRemember that I was in the Paris region for Bible School last weekend? Well… since I was done fairly early in the day I decided to go into Paris just long enough to get a Starbucks and check out the city ‘neath the colors of the EURO2016 soccer championship.

I hadn’t been to Montmartre since last year with the #AYCFrance group. It was nice to get back there. One notable difference… since it was soccer-season… the guys normally selling bottled water had switched over to selling beer from little ice-packed buckets. Surprising that they could do that out in the open.

There were people everywhere, from all over! On one metro ride, I was more cramped than I’d ever been in the Paris metro before!


Last Sunday was an encouraging service. Although a couple of our regular folks were away, there were 4 people present who’d only come for the first time within the last 2 months. After service, people were content to stick around and visit for a bit… always a good sign!


A New Effort

AIMLong3916_BDid you notice this hashtag come across Facebook or Twitter this week?
If not… you’ll notice it throughout the summer.

What is it?

In a nutshell… we need 39 new monthly financial partners in order to avoid either:

a)  having to return to North America to fundraise or
having to seek employment here in France.

Here’s why


There are five reasons we’d prefer to not interrupt our stay at this time:

  1. The Brochus’ mandate changed upon their return. They now base out of, and minister primarily in Paris. If we too left, there would be a void of full-time pastoral leadership & music in Châtellerault.
  2. There is a young family attending church who’s kids have bonded well with ours.
    That friendship is a great factor in their church attendance.
  3. Our kids continue to adjust well; we’d hate to interrupt that positive progress and risk a set-back.
  4. There’d be upheaval in terms of our residency.
  5. We feel very sure that we continue to be in God’s will.


Coming here last year entailed a great deal of nervous anticipation and lots of unknowns. Staying this long has had its share of unknowns to navigate… but the idea of having to go home at this point is scary. It’s one thing to uproot & criss-cross the ocean as a couple or as a single individual… but adding two teenagers and a pre-teen to the mix makes the thought of such significant change feel almost irresponsible. It’s hard to explain.


Would you grant us the gift of stability?


Click here for full details, of the #AIMLong3916 campaign


Thank you for your continued support!
You’re part of what God is doing in France!


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