Happy Birthday Sophie!

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Today is another Bible School Saturday (last one before summer break) so I’m there this morning and will travel back home this afternoon. Looking back on the week that was… we celebrated another birthday… that of our first-born, Sophie, and we did so… in the tree-tops!

Where do I begin telling you about this gal?

2016_06_25-SophieUnlike with Dominic, I didn’t get to steal her away for a morning of time together. Just under a month from finishing 10th grade, she is bound & determined to finish on time (She had to start two weeks after the boys and then lost 2 weeks while in Canada in March).  We did, however, take a few minutes after church on Wednesday night and before it got too dark, and went down by our bridge for some photos.

Soph is extremely organized, very disciplined, likes her routine and her notebooks / workbooks are like works of art, they’re so neat!

She is well adjusted and generally loving life here. The one thing she’s missing… a gal-pal. Of the other youth around church, she is the only girl.  Pray that God provides an on-site friend… it would do her heart good!



To celebrate both birthdays… we spent Saturday afternoon at a nearby zipline park Aven’Thuré… the same place we took the youth last September.

The kids even convinced Liz to go as well… and she loved it!

At one point Soph & Dominic wanted to do a more difficult course so I went with them while Liz & Timo did something more reasonable!

The guide had said that the further into the forest you went, the less it was a question of “détente” (relaxed pleasure) and more “athlétique”(oh I know… it looks simply like “athletic”, but it would be better translated as the “rip-your-body-to-shreds-and-pay-for-it-for-the-next-five-days” level!). But… we did it!


Hot-Air Balloon

hot air balloon, montgolfière, sunrise, lift off, guiness world record, châtellerault, Rémi Ouvrard, montgolfière centre atlantiqueOn Thursday morning, Dominic & Timo and I got up at 5:15am and headed down to the local airstrip.

A family who lives in our neighbourhood have a hot-air balloon business – Montgolfières Centre Atlantique – and they were going to attempt to break a world record.  A trapeze artist from the national circus school was going to do an acrobatics routine, while hanging from the hot air balloon at over 3,100m (10,800′) altitude.

As it turns out they couldn’t complete the attempt due to high temperatures (a security consideration) and will retry in October when things cool down again. (Incidentally it was 19 celcius (62 fahr) at 7am and was still 33 celcius (91 fahr) at 8pm )

Nonetheless… it made for some beautiful, early morning photos!

hot air balloon, montgolfière, sunrise, lift off, guiness world record, châtellerault, Rémi Ouvrard, montgolfière centre atlantique


“Insanity of God”

Some of you may have noticed that I published another post earlier in the week, entitled “The Insanity of God”.  It’s the title of a book I finished last week and that post is a book review on it.

If you’re looking for a read that both inspires and encourages your faith in the miraculous power of the God we serve… I highly recommend this book. Wow!


The Tour de France

tdf_currentlogoIf you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed this photo I posted on Tuesday.

The Tour de France will be passing through Châtellerault on Tuesday, July 5th.  Not only that… it will pass some 300 m (1000′) from our house!  How cool is that!?!?

If you would like to give your youth or Sunday School kids a 5-10 min object lesson on living for God and being a witness, based on the theme of the Tour de France, I have one made up for you: Click here.


Throwback…. Saturday

#AYCFrance 2015: Luxembourg outreach

#AYCFrance 2015: Luxembourg outreach

Just a quick memory… this time last year we spent two weeks hanging with a great bunch of young people as hosts for the General Youth Division’s 2015 #AYCFrance team.  Great memories!


Thank you…

For stopping by again this week. If you don’t know what else to pray about for us… pray for the financial need of our #AIMLong3916 initiative (below)… it’s imperative that we see an increase in our support base and God is able!

Grey Line


Have you heard of our #AIMLong3916 campaign yet?

We need 39 new financial partners by September.
(click here for a full financial breakdown)

Where we’ll explain:
– Why the financial requirement changed.
– Why it’s important that we remain here for now, and
– The different ways you can contribute

Some give by going & some go by giving

Will you GIVE  so that we can continue to GO
and together we can GROW the work in France?

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