Road Trip & a Long Road!

Road Trip & a Long Road!

You’ve already had a LOT to read from us this week, so I’ll keep today’s post relatively short.


Road Trip

On Wednesday, I accompanied Bro. Brochu and another church member to a funeral in the Creuse department (roughly 3h from here). It was for the mother of someone who used to attend church here in Châtellerault and with whom Bro. Brochu still has periodic contact.

Photo Credit: (Top) Montmorillon, (bottom) Bourg Archambault,

As it turned out, I did know a couple of the other people who were there in attendance and it had been 4 years since I’d seen them. Not only was it nice to spend the day with Bro. Brochu but it was nice to renew that contact as well.

Our drive took us through the lovely village of Montmorillon and past the Château in Bourg Archambault. You’ve got to love it when a random drive takes you through and past such sights, completely unplanned.

Such is driving through rural France.

(It is a rare thing for me to be found without my phone, but I had forgotten it that day, so the two photos here are from the web and not my own.)

Farewell… for now.

2016_08_20-sylvainFor the past couple of months, Sylvain has been in Châtellerault for a school-related work term and has been a regular at our services.

Yesterday, that work term finished and he headed back home to the Paris region. As such, Wednesday was his last Bible study with us.

We’ll miss his at-ease participation in worship & prayer and his attentiveness to God’s Word. He’s convinced that God brought him to Châtellerault as much to discover our church as to have this particular work practicum.

Lord, continue the work you started in a hungry heart!

Long Road

2016_08_20-schoolThere has been a couple of MAJOR steps taken in the area of school this week, for Sophie and for the boys.

the Boys: Dominic & Timo are now registered for classes in a private school which will begin two weeks from yesterday. gulp  That will be a big step for them and an exercise in trust for us… “Jesus, be a fence.”

How ironic is it that the Rue du Souci (Worry Street) leads to the school!?

Thursday they got to meet the principal and, as you can see, they might be a bit excited!

Sophie: The 2015-2016 school year is now, officially done. It drug on for some time because she had to start a few weeks later than the boys last fall, spent two weeks in Canada in March and we were away some in July.

She put us on warning…. she is in “Veg-mode” for the next few days. She may or may not come out of her room, may or may not make herself “people-ready” in the morning and should not be asked to do anything requiring brain cells for the next week.

That’s all reasonable!

Over & Above

Over & Above, Blessings of GodIf you’re not subscribed to the blog, you may not have seen a 5-part series I did this week on our house-sitting weekends.

I entitled it Over & Above to reflect how, when we live for God, he gives us not just ministry related blessings, but goes over and above…. blessing us on a personal level as well.

If you haven’t read that series, just click on the OA#1 image and you head to post #1. We’ll be back there next weekend as well… Can’t wait!


Thanks for stopping in again today.
Let what you read inform your prayers for us and for France.

God bless you richly…. over and above!


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…be part of what God is doing in France.

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