Silence + Setting = Peace

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Bridge over the Clain River, Cenon-sur-Vienne.

When you’re a night-owl like I am, early mornings don’t come naturally, although they used to when I was younger. Nonetheless, I love the early morning and when Dominic was on a 3-day Work-Practicum he had to be there by 8:00am.

Since it was located outside of Châtellerault, not only was I up early, but I was out of town. Sometimes I opted to explore on my way home and on one such morning, I discovered this bridge over the Clain River, just on the outskirts of Châtellerault.

The morning was cool and the sun had not yet truly broken over the horizon, giving a magical feel to this image, as the mist rose from the water’s surface. There was little to no traffic so between silence and setting, I experienced God’s peace in a wonderful way.

Silence and Setting
If you need to experience God’s peace today:
Aabandon the noise and the traffic. Get alone with God. Experience his peace.

God bless you and may you know his peace today!

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