A Heavy Frost…

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A heavy frost on leaves in the field

For many of you, particularly in the south, today’s image will seem out of place for an April post, yet it is not entirely impossible for parts of Canada, the northern or high-altitude USA and even northern Europe to experience frost at this time of year.
(I promise though… I won’t post any Frost-pics in July!)

Matthew 24 speaks about what is typically referred to as “the last days” or the time preceding Christ’s return.

The disciples ask Jesus when they might expect Christ’s return and rather than answer them using a calendar, he refers to what life on Earth will look like preceding those days.
(It bears a striking resemblance to the days we’re living in)

One of the signs of the end times will be that the love of many will grow cold, as a result of an abundance of iniquity or selfish thinking… thinking only of ourselves.

In this world, radical individualism is constantly being hammered into us and the more I think about myself, the less room I have in my head and in my heart to think about someone else…
to love as Christ loved.

So Lord, today, my prayer is … don’t let my love grow cold!

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