Light Reveals Beauty!

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Lamp in the refurbished stable from our “Over & Above Blessing series

Have you ever been around someone who seemed to have everything going for them;
a great job, a great family and a generally comfortable life…
yet they were always dissatisfied or down on themselves?

I’ve known people like that.

Truth be told… sometimes I’ve been that person.

There have been times for each of us when we’ve needed someone to come alongside us and help us re-focus our attention on what is real… or real important. It’s like someone who comes into a dark room with a candle or a 10K watt flashlight (does that even exist?): It could be the most beautiful room ever, but if there’s no light there to reveal the beauty, we can’t appreciate it.

Jesus said of himself that he was the light of the world.

Only through him can we truly experience and appreciate the beauty of the world that he has placed us in. He is, after all, our creator… and he created everything around us.
Who better to help us enjoy it?

Here’s the thing though… Jesus doesn’t simply want to drop off a flashlight to us and then leave… he wants to stay there with you daily, holding the flashlight for you. Revealing new beautiful things every day.

Will you let him bring light, daily, into your world?

God bless you today!

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