God is at Work!

God is at Work!

Good morning from a small town in western France! This blog, over the past 4 years, has not only been a place for me to let you know what is happening in our family’s missions adventure but a place for me to distill my thoughts in some regard.

In an attempt to bring you something consistently every Saturday morning, it has forced me to sift through the activities of the week and look for those things that are essential. It’s easy to get caught up in busyness… but amidst the busyness – or perhaps in spite of it – what are some of the important moments.

Today I’m going to share 2.5 such moments.

Jr. High Graduation

We attended our first school graduation ceremony here recently and it was much different from back home.

  • no cap & gown or suits
  • no calling students up one by one to walk across the stage
  • no long speech by either valedictorian or polition (just a short one by the principal)

Dominic graduated from his Jr. High School (which, incidentally, they call “Collège”).

Students & some parents just showed up, listened to the principal, waited in line for their diploma and then chit-chatted for a bit.

The Next Step

One thing that’s VERY different here is that not all high schools teach the same curriculum, so you choose your high school based on the area of study that you want to pursue… for your life-long career. Now imagine… at age 15… having to make a choice like that.

It’s a ton of pressure and pressure that Dominic is facing now. Though he’s already in his first year of high school, his area of specialization starts next year.  He thought he knew what he wanted (which is why he chose this school) but it’s shifting sand so-to-speak.

We know that the Lord directs our steps when we seek his will. Please pray with us – both that Dominic seeks God’s will and that the Lord directs his steps.

A Great Conversation

Yesterday after finishing up my class at l’Université de Poitiers, I found myself in conversation with one of my students… a highly unusual conversation.

Within the span of 45 minutes, this young man opened up a good many things in his life. It’s the first time I’ve encountered that here – where someone “pulls back the curtain” of their life so honestly.

He’s a terrific young man that adds a lot to the class so on one hand, you’d never guess…. but yet isn’t that often the case. Whether North American or European… we become skilled at hiding pain behind a mask of joviality.

Pray with us for this young man if you will… We know that God came to heal the brokenhearted.


Did you catch what I said at the beginning? … that I was going to share “2.5 such moments”?

Why 2.5?

Well… perhaps I’m borrowing from next week, but Sis. Danielle’s son Rodnel & I were in conversation a couple times this week and he’s going to be joining us in church tomorrow for the first time. If you recall, we had a Bible Study with them a few weeks back.

So this is the 0.5 … We’re excited that it’s happening tomorrow, but we can’t give you a full report just yet!  🙂

That’s all for today…

Thanks for sharing this cup of coffee moment with me and thank you for keeping us in prayer… God is at work!

How have you seen God at work in your life this week?
Leave a comment below… I’d love to read it & celebrate with you!

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