You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

This week, the kids and I spent a couple of hours out ‘n’ about in Châtellerault filming bits & bobs for a missions-focused video for kids. Today, I’m going to tell you about it and show you some bloopers.

First of all, however let’s go back to last Saturday.

Early Birthday

Timo’s birthday won’t happen for another week or so, but since Liz & I are in Melun for Bible School today and next weekend is the national Youth Convention… we opted to celebrate last Saturday.

Timo invited 3 of his good friends from school and together they did a bit of swimming before playing some games and chowing down on Dominoes Pizza (which Timo L-O-V-E-S). and cake (which Timo made).

The cake had rolled fondant icing and piped home-made butter cream (Our BIG-little guy has aspirations of becoming a baker).

You Can Do It!

We were approached by Capital Community Church (Fredericton NB) about putting together a kids-related video for their upcoming Missions Conference. We wanted to do more than just a “Hello from France” video and wanted to have our kids be the focus of it… so we headed out into town to ham-it-up a bit and have some fun with it.

The title: “You can do it!”

The Idea: (a) That being a missionary doesn’t begin when you hit the foreign field, but it begins at home and (b) that it’s not something reserved for adults… kids can impact other for Jesus as well.

I won’t show you the finished video – The first ones to see it will be the kids from Capital Community. However I will show you the blooper reel and, once their missions conference is over, I’ll post the finished product so that if you’d like to use it in your own church / Sunday School, you can.

You can see the bloopers at the bottom of this post.

Home Bible Study

On Wednesday, we were in the city of Tours for a home Bible Study with Sis. Danielle. Her health is progressing well and the Lord has blessed her with a brand new apartment. She had been anxious to host us there since previously all she had was a room in a boarding house. We’d done Bible studies there as well… but she was glad that we’d all have room to sit in her new place. 🙂

It was great to meet her son for the first time as well. We’d prayed for him numerous times, but this was the first time we’d met. We’re thankful for the sweet presence of the Lord in a house where the doors are open wide!

Old friends

Since we were going to be in Tours for the Bible Study, we headed up a bit early and met with friends that we’d not seen in a while. I saw them briefly two years ago but They’d not see Liz and the kids since 2006. Their daughter was present as well (she as taking the photo) and we’d not seen here since our honeymoon … some 20 years ago! It was very good to catch up.

Winding up…

Thank you for checking in today, we covet your faithfulness in praying for us and for France. Your prayers and the Lord’s grace have born fruit this week. Please pray for safe travel as we return from Bible School later today. God bless you. Short term missions, STM, missions, youth missions, youth ministry, summer missions

On Monday I’ll be publishing another Short-Term Missions Monday post that asks the question: “What’s the purpose of Short-Term Missions?”. Have you ever wondered? I’ll share my take on it this Monday.

Now… enjoy a few “You can do it” giggles!

Quotable Quote:
“Every time you laugh, a puppy dies.”

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