Today is France’s National Holiday

Today is France’s National Holiday

… so it’s a particularly good reason to Pray for France!

So often we see the “Pray for ____ “ images in times of tragedy but that is not the case today. Today is a good day to pray for our adopted nation because in the same way that the French are celebrating their liberation from heavy-handed authorities (the monarchy & the church of the 18th century), so we have been working there for 3.5 years to see them liberated in a spiritual sense.

Today in particular… please pray for France and our work there.

Now… let me begin with an oversight…


“What do you mean to forgot AGAIN!?  That’s the third time this summer!”

Such was Sophie’s comment last Saturday when we realized it was “post-day” and there was no post!

All I can say is that time is passing by very quickly and I suppose that not being in our regular routine is taking its toll.

Last week we were in Bathurst (in northern New Brunswick). We got to spend some down-time with friends, minister in their mid-week service and see first-hand what God is doing in the north.  On Thursday we got to have a picnic with the local church, pastored by the Desroches who visited us in May. Liz wasn’t with us because she was sick for two days. Friday night, Pastor Dan and I did a home Bible-study with a family on the Acadian Peninsula – awesome to see hungry hearts devour the word of God!

Back to Saint John

On Saturday Liz was feeling better and we made our way to Saint John where we were to be involved in both services the following day.

She sang as part of the worship team in the morning service and I taught on our identity in Christ. In the evening, the kids all shared testimonies, we sang as a family and I spoke on “The Unexpected Path”… how we hold on to the promises of God when life takes through unexpected places.

So proud of our kids and their ability to articulate what God is teaching them… each in their own unique way.


Time is growing short before our departure back to France. This means that many of the visits “we’ve got lots of time” to do  (as we’ve been saying for weeks now)well… we’re beginning to have less and less time.

Some were impromptu and others were planned, but all were enjoyable. We realize the extent to which God has blessed us richly with great friendships.

I’ll not hide the fact that this makes it just a little tougher to go back to France where our circle is much more limited (simply by distance or by less history with the city) but we know why we’re there… and nothing comes without sacrifice.

Bucket List

In addition to spending time with people, there are things that we also wanted to be sure to do while home. One such thing was to walk along Bayshore Beach on Saint John’s west side, sea-glass hunting.

Oh it’s not the sandy beaches of Florida, but it’s home and it’s where my grandfather spent many a day as a teen. Prior to going to France we spent many a summer evening there… collecting thoughts, collecting sea-glass & collecting memories.

It was good to tick that off our list.

This week…

This will be the last week that the kids will be in Saint John… On Thursday, they will head back down to Orlando to MK Retreat. They’ll spend 5 days with other missionary kids from around the world… having teaching sessions and a little fun as well.

In order to get there however, they will be flying… by themselves… for the first time. Needless to say… mom & dad will be a bit on edge while they’re in transit. Please keep them in prayer – that they have safe travel and no difficulties crossing the border.

We’re thankful to MK Ministries for organizing this retreat and for 3 anonymous churches that sponsored our kids to go.

Thank you for following us in prayer!

We covet your prayers as our return to France draws nearer… just over two weeks!

God bless you today!



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