Prayer Takes You Higher

Prayer Takes You Higher

This week, the fall school vacations will come to a close and we’ll head into a busy couple of weekends in the Paris area – hello kilometers!

In the face of busyness, I’m thankful that prayer takes us higher.

Daily Grind Kind of Stuff

In a lot of ways, this week was about the daily grind stuff of life. I remember missionaries coming through and I’d always imagined that their life was spiritual activity all day-every day. (Perhaps like how a child sees adulthood… “you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with no one telling you what to do!” 🙂 ) Adulthood – like missions’ work – involves LOTS of daily grind stuff…

  • Marking papers for my English classes.
  • Liz spent time editing her latest translation project.
  • The kids worked through more homework – again this week with Liz’s ever-patient and thorough help.
  • We visited older ladies from church who’ve been unable to get out.
  • Soph & Dominic had eye appointments – Soph will be getting glasses this week.
  • Equipment repair (More about this below)

Broken Down

I has never ceased to amaze me, since coming to France, the number of times we’ve gone to do something and what we’ve needed to accomplish the task has been somehow ‘broken’. Take this week for example.

  • I began doing the hedge at home and the 3 year-old hedge trimmer, that’s never given us an ounce of trouble, died. Off to repair it goes!
  • I’d arranged to have help with the down at the church – some working on the hedge, some working on the grounds.
    • chain saw – seized up… dig out the hand saws… yes, hand saws.
    • weed-whacker – pull handle breaks (couldn’t be repaired same-day)
    • ride-on lawn mower – initially won’t start (#TestOfFaith)… walk away in disgust, have lunch, try again later… it starts. Thank the Lord… honest & true.

In the end we were able to get the hedge and the lawn done. What a sense of accomplishment!

I’ve got to say though, that there have been times when it feels like things have been similar in the spiritual realm as well. “If only we had this tool or that tool, we could do the job. Perhaps if we had this person or that spiritual gifting we could grow more quickly.”

Perhaps we could do the job done more quickly, that’s true. But the Lord always brings me back to this thought:

“You have my Spirit, what more do you want?”

…and with that I’m reminded that my impatience doesn’t determine what God wants to, or will, accomplish. Which brings me to prayer.

Great Prayer

On Wednesday we gathered back at the church for prayer and it was the best prayer meeting we’ve had in a while. There was a sense of assurance, determination and confidence in the Lord that was tangible.

  • Despite the challenges of the week.
  • Despite the lack of tools (however you define them)
  • Despite the daily grind…

Prayer took us higher this week and made me thankful for the church and for a faithful God who hears and answers prayer

Bible School

Last night, Liz & I drove up to Melun to teach at the Bible School. She… Apostolic Doctrine and me, Epistles (1 Corinthians tomorrow). Pray for a safe trip back and the presence of the Lord tomorrow in service.

Thanks, as always, for following our adventure.
Let what you read inform your prayers for us and for France.

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    • 🙂 Virtual hugs from the other side of the pond Michele. We’re learning lots it this odd season… sounds like you are as well. (I could picture the blackbirds swooping! 🙂 ) Have you already given a name to the cottage?

      • well, it will be rabbitpatch, but I do always name my houses, or the houses somehow name themselves-We will see. Thank you Mike and please do pray for me and I will for you. in Christ, Michele

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