Follow me!

Follow me!

That phrase has a familiar ring to it… “Follow me,”

“…. and I will make you fishers of men.” said Jesus.
“… As I follow Christ.” said Paul.

We only ever really grow if we have some-one to follow and eventually learn from. Kids follow their parents and learn about life, apprentices follow their mentors to learn a trade, and Christians… we follow Christ and those who’ve left a good example by doing just that… following him.

This weekend we’re attending what has become a defacto European Youth Convention (though it started out as a youth convention for the churches in France… it has grown by leaps & bounds!)

This meant an early morning drive up to Melun, two services and a banquet today, another service tomorrow morning before hitting the road to return home Sunday afternoon. We’re excited to once again see UPCI General Youth President, Bro. Josh Carson who we got to know in 2015 when we guided the AYC trip that he and his wife chaperoned.

Fall “Colours”

This week I had to take an alternate route when coming back from the university, due to road work. It was a happy detour because it allowed me to discover this beautiful little park in the village of Chasseneuil. It gives you a pretty good idea what fall is like.

Nowhere to be seen are the brilliant yellows, reds and oranges that paint an entire hillside. Here, you’ll see “splashes” of colour… not much more – but we’ll take what we can get.

The funny thing is that we’ve driven through Chasseneuil regularly for years, but only the commercial side of it where the old highway is… never the village center.

Paris, You Take my Breath Away

This week I launched one of two writing projects that I’d been working on over the past year (you know… those projects that are “this close” to being done and just need an extra nudge!?).  The second project will be my grandfather’s journals, set to publish by December.

This book is a collection of 25 short stories, where the narrative is woven around real and personal experiences in the French capital. The book is  illustrated with sketched and stylized versions of my own photos. I’ve tried to write it in such a way so that you’ll absolutely feel as though you’re there, walking beside me.

Purchasing this book for yourself, or as a gift serves TWO purposes:
(a) you or a friend get an inexpensive trip to Paris and
(b) the purchase help us continue our work in France.

(currently, only the Kindle eBook version is available…
the paperback will be online later this week)


On a side note…

Sophie is now a proud wearer of glasses and
Dominic is on a Frank Sinatra, Christmas music marathon…

… and on a more serious note…

Please pray for all things youth convention this weekend. I’ll be helping out with translation and it will be a great time of fellowship for the kids.

France is in for a G-R-E-A-T weekend!!
Thank you for supporting the work here by your prayers and giving.
You’re part of every success!

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