#3GoodThings – #6

#3GoodThings – #6

(Written Jan. 24, 2019)

Today was another, for the most part, home-day (already a GoodThing!).

The kids were in school for the entire day (unlike yesterday where, because it was Wednesday, they only have a 1/2 day of school – it is like that for all French school children) meaning that drop-off & pick-up duties were a bit more spread out.

This leads me into…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Because the house was more or less empty & quiet for the better part of the day, it allowed Liz & I to both “dig deep” into work that we’re both involved in. She is translating a Youth Division P7 Club resource and I’ve been prepping for tomorrow’s classes (English in the context of Business Development, for Master’s level students and English for Performing Arts students). Cal Newport talks about the power of Deep (distraction-free) Work to empower productivity and we experienced it today. The feeling of productivity is a GoodThing!
  2. Liz & I went out for lunch today. This is no small thing as the last time that happened was back in November. Would it be nice to do it more frequently? Sure. The problem is that finances typically just don’t allow for it. Mom left a little extra for us before leaving and this is how we used it. It was nice to be able to chat & discuss things openly & honestly (about what God’s doing now & the direction in which he’s leading) without having to limit it or put question marks in the kids’ minds. Lunch & discussion was a GoodThing!
  3. Tonight was a beekeepers’ meeting for me. Outside of work & church, we have relatively few other social connections. Not only is this a way to invest time into a hobby that I’m looking forward to enjoying more and more, but it’s another opportunity to build natural connections with people in the community. I go and take part, not because I have a particular responsibility… but simply to take in, learn and enjoy. This is a GoodThing!

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