#3GoodThings – #8

#3GoodThings – #8

(Written Jan. 26, 2019)

Today is the 11th week of #YellowVest protests here in France… so there’s an air of dissatisfaction that is anticipated during the week, then seen and heard on the weekend. They messed up my routing for a quick errand, but nothing more than that… t’all good!

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. We spent a good part of the afternoon down around the church getting things ready for tomorrow’s baptism. At one point, both the heating system and the baptismal heater were on at the same time. OOPS… overloaded the circuits and tripped the breaker. I fiddled around with both electrical panels – ensuring every breaker was in the “on” position – before remembering that there’s a main breaker in a panel by the street. Sure enough, that’s the one. Only problem was that there were now lights on that typically were never on (outer lights on the building facade) and I didn’t know which breakers would turn them off. Great! (spoken sarcastically)… The upside, however, was that it allowed me to dig into some of the electrical information on the building and get familiar with things I either didn’t know or had forgotten about. Keeping my cool was jeopardized for a few minutes but we did get thost extra lights off!
  2. Also while I was down at the church I checked on the beehive and since the temperature was up around 11 degrees, there was a handful of bees flying about and on clean-up duty pulling out a few dead ones (that die – naturally – inside the hive, for no other reason than that it’s winter). Since this is my first winter keeping bees I’m a bit of a nervous Nelly… wondering if they’re surviving – so each time I see them out and about’ I’m encouraged.
  3. Finally… for tomorrow’s baptism, we were asked if it’d be possible to include a certain worship song. It’s not one that we normally sing but we found chord charts for it online and the kids have been going over it tonight. We will be able to include that song even though there was just a short turnaround (we were asked about it two days ago & the kids just saw it today). The Lord has blessed them and it amazes me. We’re going to be able to help make this day just a little extra special.

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